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Exciting News for Mellers!!

Exciting News for Mellers!!

See Miss Dawson sign on the dotted line, when Mellers Primary School and Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone Foreign Language School in China, build a new found friendship in the China partnership project!

Ningobo National Hi-tech Zone Foreign Language School, is a state run school which was founded in 2009. It covers an area of 120,060 square meters and is located by the side of Yongjiang River.

The school inherits the high grade educational resources from Ningbo Wanli International Middle School, which has been awarded the famous provincial educational band. It possesses advanced teaching facilities and abundant teaching resources, and has already created great relationships with other countries including; USA, Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Canada!

After Miss Dawson was contacted by the Education Bureau in China, she has now built up a special friendship with this successful school, which may result in some fantastic opportunities for us here at Mellers! 

Watch this space!