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School Meals and Waste Reduction at Mellers!

School Meals and Waste Reduction at Mellers!

Here's an update about how we at Mellers strive to improve school meals, please our pupils and cut waste, all at the same time!

We've been talking to Cariad Bailey, our school cook, about puddings, and also about ways to minimise waste from school dinnertime (plastic etc).  In order to cut down on the number of sugary cakes, Cariad’s going to bake less of them and replace them with fruit and yogurt once a week and cheese and biscuits once a week. 

She’s ordered the yogurt in large, one gallon containers that will be put into our silver serving trays on the table, thus eliminating hundreds of individual plastic pots! She’s also managed to order the crackers in larger packs (rather than the individually wrapped packs) with Philadelphia cheese in large containers, which will also be served up in bowls (avoiding the individually wrapped cheese triangles).  This should really cut down on the amount of packaging we use.

It's fantastic news for our environment and we're really grateful to Cariad for taking on our ideas!  Now that we've started the ball rolling at school why don't you see how you can reduce your waste at home too?

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