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Useful Links to Other Websites

In this section, you will find links to other websites that have information for parents, carers and pupils.

Immunising Primary School Children against Flu 2016/17

Copy and Paste the following links into your browser for up to date information about Flu immunisation in Nottingham City:  


Year 4 Homework Link

Click on the link to upload your homework for Mr Nottingham!

Going Green Survey for parents

Year 2 SATS Information for Parents

Follow the link below for useful information regarding the Year 2 SATS tests for this year:


What would you do if you saw/heard a child or young person in your community being treated in a way which made you feel uncomfortable or concerned for their safety?  It's worth knowing that you can report it anonymously to the NSPCC: email them at or call 08088005000

For more information go to:

Maths no problem, the Singapore Method

As part of our commitment to improving teaching and learning at Mellers, we will be using the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics.  This involves the use of high quality textbooks to ensure that all children develop a deep understanding in all areas of maths. Here is a link to a set of videos that help parents to understand more about this order to help children at home. They are short and easy to watch so please take time to take a look!

CityCare School Health Team

If you have a medical concern about your children at Mellers please click the link below to access a wealth of advice and information from the CityCare school health team.

School Admission Arrangements at Nottingham City Council

Follow the link below for admission information direct from the Nottingham City Council website:

School Meal Survey

Please assist the Catering department by completing their survey about school meals using the following link:

DFE Performance Tables

General Links

BBC Site for Parents

KidSites (Parents)

Nottingham Music Hub

Local Authority

The online consultation form regarding school expansion is available from 3rd November 2014 at:

Nottingham City Council 

Nottingham City Education Department


Central Learning Partnership


Helping Your Children Learn

Be Safe Online

Online safety push for five-year-olds

Directgov for parents

Parents In Touch

Family Learning

Positive Parenting

Day Care Trust

Click the link below for the Dept for Education's website:

Click the link below for details of the NHS Stoptober Campaign:

Local Amenities

Sherwood Library

Ofsted Parent Portal