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Artsmark Silver Award

Artsmark Silver Award

Mellers Primary School has been awarded an Artsmark Silver Award. Congratulations!

Under the enthusiastic direction of Miss Guinard in school we are pleased to accept this brilliant award.  Here are some of the comments about our work in school made by the judging panel: 

Your school's commitment to the teaching of music and instrumental tuition is commendable. The well-established partnerships with In Harmony and the Nottingham Music Hub have had a positive outcome on standards of music in the school. Your school has worked hard to develop pupil voice on its Artsmark journey, and this has clearly contributed to their enthusiasm and interest in different genres. 

To further progress, the panel look forward to seeing how this learning is embedded in teachers' approach to planning and delivery of the curriculum. The work that your school has done to include parents and carers in children's learning through the arts via 'open classrooms' has clearly been successful, and it's great to hear that the school would like to further develop this by involving the children in planning arts showcases.

 As a Silver Artsmark school Arts Council England celebrates your commitment to arts and cultural education and the opportunities emerging across your provision. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to participate in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences and you recognise the importance of development opportunities for your staff in these areas. You understand the value of working with arts and cultural organisations and are developing partnerships to enhance your provision. Your children and young people have an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture and you are working to build on the foundations of your provision.

For further information about Artsmark follow this link: