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Marvellous Me!

Marvellous Me!

Many of our parents are enjoying regular notifications on their phones or tablets telling them about the marvellous things their children are doing at Mellers. Enjoy interaction with the class teacher by sending a 'high 5' back to school, the real benefit is being able to engage parents in their childrens' learning.

Get Started - It’s free!

  1. Download the MarvellousMe parent app, or join up at
  2. Tap ‘Sign Up’
  3. Enter the join code provided by your child’s teacher.
  4. Enter your name and email, and make up a password.

              This link takes you to the MarvellousMe Parent app in the Apple app store:        

              This link takes you directly to the MarvellousMe Parent app in Googleplay:        


  • Invite partners, grandparents and carers to join up too.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Share your app.’
  • Send a Hi5 back every time you get wonderful news.
  • Add more children by tapping ‘Add child’. Then enter their join code.
  • See term dates and go to the school’s web site by tapping the icons on the home screen.
  • Get help and watch the parent video at

Download Here