Head Boy and Girl 2019-20

Our new Head Boy and Girl at Mellers are Aaron Singh Rathore and Maleah Regan-Turner Their job will be to make Mellers Primary School the best school in Nottingham, even though we all think it already is!

Head Girl

My name is Maleah and the reason I wanted to become Head Girl at Mellers is because I want to help children. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. I am a kind person and will respect everyone and I am a good role model for the younger children. I can always be relied upon and be at school every day and on time and prepared for my role at Mellers. I love Mellers and think it is the best school in the world.

Head Boy

I wanted to be Head Boy as I can always be relied upon. I want to make Mellers a better place for everyone by doing a very good job and what is expected of me. I am a good listener and can help the children sort out any problems they may have. Mellers is the best school in the Country and with my help, it can be the best school in the world.

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Head Boy and Girl 18-19

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