Head Boy and Girl 2019-20

Our new head girl at Mellers is Rayan Mohammed, and our new head boy is Devayn Linger.  Our deputy head boy is Anas Ayub and the deputy head girl is Mayar el Said.  Their role involves leading the school council to help make Mellers Primary School the best school in Nottingham, even though we all think it already is! Here they are, with their personal manifestos:

Hello, my name is Rayan Mohammed and I am the Head Girl at Mellers. I am also part of the red party, which was elected by the children. As Head Girl I want people at Mellers to feel happy and make sure that everybody is treated equally.  I was chosen to be a member of the Nottingham Primary Cabinet, which I feel honoured to take part in.


Hello, my name is Devayn Linger and I am the Head Boy at Mellers. I think Mellers is a great school and I want all the children to have fun and be happy!


Hello, my name is Mayar el Said and I’m the Deputy Head Girl. I want Mellers to be a fabulous, outstanding school. I am from the red team too, the winning party. As the Deputy Head Girl, I want our behaviour at Mellers to be fantastic. I want everyone at Mellers to be happy.


Hello, my name is Anas Ayub and I am the Deputy Head Boy at Mellers. I want to make sure that play times, and children’s behaviour stay positive so that everybody is happy at this outstanding school.


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