From Monday 15th June, Nottingham city council agreed that it was safe for schools to open more widely.  We had about 30 children in our Key Workers’ club at that time, who had been attending since the beginning of lockdown, and we opened to Y6 on 15th June, Y1 on 22nd June, F2 on 29th June and F1 on 6th July.  The staff team decided that we would also open to Y5, Y4, Y3 and Y2 for a week each.  There have been between half and two thirds of each cohort in school, and it has been so good to see everyone.  Our Key Worker club has continued throughout.  Through the summer our PE coach Nathan is running a sports club for children from F2 to Y6.  Please pay using the Gateway app.  We will also continue to provide childcare for vulnerable pupils and the children of key

The Mellers team will continue to upload daily tasks to Purple Mash, which will be marked each day.  We’ll continue our fortnightly calls home to each family, with home visits too for some families.  We’ve also delivered packs fortnightly to those families who don’t have internet access, and collected any completed packs for marking.  We will be communicating everything through this website, our Facebook page, Marvellous Me and the normal school texts.  Please make sure you keep a close eye on these social media platforms; in fact, Miss Dawson does a weekly Facebook Live assembly at 2pm each Monday, where we celebrate some of the fabulous work our pupils have been involved in.  Our website has lots of online learning links under the Curriculum and Learning from Home tabs, including music lessons from the Nottingham Music Hub.  Many classes are now accessing Teams lessons, which were trialled by Y6 and Y5 in early June, and which are now being used by KS1 and KS2 pupils.

All letters to parents, carers and children can be found in the Parents section, under Letters to Parents and Carers.

September Arrangements

We are hoping to be able to admit all children back in September, and are currently making all the arrangements and completing the risk assessments for that to happen.  Clearly, should there be another spike or we re-enter lockdown, we would not be able to open to all pupils in September.  We will continue to communicate with you through the usual channels, as we have done since lockdown began, to let you know exactly what the arrangements are for September.

We understand that this is a really difficult time for everyone.  We want to be able to support you as much as possible.  If you’re struggling, there is a list of numbers below that might offer you support, but don’t forget that the Mellers team is in school for the foreseeable future so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help, advice or reassurance.  Our Mellers food bank has been emptied and replenished 4 times since lockdown, so please contact us if you need to come and collect some bags of food for your family.

Support Phone Numbers

Here’s a link to a dedicated page for learning resources about hand washing and respiratory hygiene:

The E-Bug Project

All the information for the parents of children returning to school has been sent out by text and on the school’s Facebook page.  Here’s the risk assessment for reopening:

Mellers Reopening Risk Assessment

Local Authority Letter to Parents Confirming Wider School Opening on 22nd June 2020

Local Authority Letter to Parents Confirming Reopening on 15th June

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