13th March 2019, Lesley Lyon

During Governor Monitoring Week last week,it was a privilege to interview a selection of pupils from Years 5 and 6.

At the last Pupil Progress Meeting Governors discussed the progress made by our cleverest pupils. As a result, we decided to find out for ourselves by talking to those pupils aiming for a Good Level of Development across the school. To this end, I met with the pupils in Year 5 and 6.

I asked them the following questions:

How clever do you think you are?

How do you know how clever you are?

Does your family know how clever you are?

In lessons, do you get the chance to do harder work?

Do the questions the teacher asks you make you think deeply?

Are there more opportunities you would like to extend your ability/knowledge even more?

Their responses were fascinating and I learned a lot. They would really like a school library with more challenging books, they and their families would like more information about their ability and they would really like to go on beyond ‘The Deeper Question’ to ‘The Impossible Challenge’!!!!

As a result of this work the governors will be bringing back responses to the Leadership Team so that they can work out a plan of action to address the ideas and issues raised by the pupils.

Lesley Lyon

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