Focus Provision for Deaf Pupils: Trent Bridge


In KS1 maths this half term we are starting multiplication and division. The children will be learning to use repeated addition, they will understand arrays and create their own. We will also have a focus on doubling, halving and sharing into equal groups within this unit. The children will be consolidating their learning by counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We will then move onto fractions by understanding halves and quarters. The children will end the summer term by learning about two different types of measure; time and money. These are really enjoyable and practical objectives the children love working on in maths.

Mrs Bryan and Mrs Knowles’ group work in English will be based on the book ‘How to find Gold!’ by Vivian Schwarz. Later in the term we will look at a selection of poetry. The story will help us understand how fiction books can extend our imagination and take us on exciting journeys as we follow the story of a little girl and her friend crocodile searching for gold. Using this book will extend our signing and reading vocabulary and give us ideas for writing in English word order. We will look closely at how stories are written, research about real crocodiles and make a treasure map of our own. Poetry will give us experience of a different form of reading and writing.


Lower KS2 maths:

This term we will be concentrating on developing the children’s skill in using money. It would be great if you could support your child whilst out and about at the shops. Maybe buy a small item and your child finds the correct money they require.  We will also be working on fractions and statistics.

Upper KS2 maths:

This group will be working on length and perimeter, fractions, and time. To help with time please encourage your child to think about what they do at different times of the day, by looking at the time on a clock.


This term the Focus Provision children will be studying a drama version of Robin Hood. To support their studies we will be visiting the Robin Hood Experience in Nottingham and Nottingham Castle which has a new, interactive Robin Hood Experience. The children will be learning about the elements, conventions and techniques of drama and making up drama scripts of their own and acting them out.

Here are our knowledge organisers for this term’s work:

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