Focus Provision for Deaf Pupils: Trent Bridge


In maths this term the children will be learning to read, sign, write and recognise numbers to 50. They will be learning to add and subtract using a variety of methods and solving problems using concrete resources. They will be using tens frames, part-part-whole models and number lines to solve one and two step number problems. We will also be comparing numbers and finding one more and one less of numbers to 50. In the second half term we will be moving on to measure. We will be looking at length, height, weight and volume.

In English this term we are looking at the text ‘Look up’ by Nathan Bryon. It is about a girl called Rocket who is determined to be the best astronaut the world has ever seen, inspired by her hero, Mae Jemison. We will use the story to understand writing can be factual (non-fiction/information) or fiction. We’ll continue to expand our knowledge, and use of BSL vocabulary and its representation in print. The story will also provide ideas for writing so we have more opportunities to create sentences in English word order. Next half-term, we will be working in a similar way and focusing on the non-fiction text, ‘Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins.


In lower KS2 in maths we will be continuing to work on learning about place value. We will learn how to represent numbers to 100 using tens and ones, compare and order them and spot patterns within them. We will then be working on multiplication, division and money skills.

In upper KS2 maths this term we will be working on multiplication and division. We will be solving one and two step number problems and using different strategies and methods to show our calculations and working out. We will then move onto a unit of money to finish the term.

In KS2 English, we will be reading ‘Jemmy Button’ by Jennifer Uman and Valerio Vidali. The children will continue to expand their knowledge and use of BSL vocabulary as well as signed supported English. They will use role play and drama to make the story come to life. They will participate in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and signing to discuss and create written work whilst being immersed in this story book.

Here are our knowledge organisers for this term’s work:

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