Foundation Stage

In F1 our topic is ‘Yummy Yummy.’  We will be learning all about fruit and vegetables.  We will be describing them, tasting them and thinking about where they come from.  We will be looking at the work of the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and making our own portraits using fruit and vegetables.  We will be holding a reading café to make some yummy fruit kebabs with the children.   In phonics we will be learning these letters and sounds: Gg, Oo, Ll, Ff and Bb.   In maths we are learning to recognise numerals to five, matching numerals to their quantity and also learning to subitise (know how many there are without counting them).

In F2, we will be thinking about change and asking the children ‘Is change a bad thing?’  The children will learn about life cycles and how tadpoles grow and change into frogs.  We are very excited about having caterpillars in the classroom for the children to learn about.  In maths, children will learn about doubling and halving amounts and become confident with using and applying numbers to 20.  Our P.E day is now every Wednesday and the children will go swimming every Tuesday.

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