Foundation 1

Spring  1: Why is it cold?

We will be learning all about seasonal change and we will be thinking about how the world is changing around us.  We will be using words to describe this, e.g. frosty, cold, freezing, icy, trees are bare etc.  We will also be learning that there are different countries in the world and we will be looking at the polar regions.  The children will look at and talk about some animals that we might find there.  We will also be learning all about Chinese New Year.

Spring 2: What happens in spring?

The children will be learning all about plants and growing.  We will be talking about plants life cycles and observing plants.  We will learn the names of fruits and vegetables and observe what happens to them when we leave them out over a period of a few weeks.  We will learn about farm animals and we will hopefully be hosting a visit from some eggs which will hatch in to chicks.  The children will discuss simple animal life cycles.  We will notice and name the signs of spring and will also discuss the festivals Easter and Vaisakhi.

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