Nursery (Foundation One) Arrangements

Our nursery class has 52 full time places, starts in September every year and is open to children who will be 4 in between 1st September and 31st August.  We have very limited places for 3 year olds,  but Nottingham Nursery School has plenty of places for children from 0-4 years old.  Please contact them on 0115 915 9090 for more information.  You can add your child’s name to our waiting list from birth, and we will contact you in the summer term before they are due to start nursery to fill out the admission form and let you know the arrangements.  You’ll need to provide your child’s full birth certificate, passport (if they have one) and proof of your address.

All places will be offered in line with our admission policy, in this order of priority:

•             Lives in catchment and has siblings currently in school

•             Lives in catchment

•             Lives out of catchment but has siblings currently in school

•             Lives out of catchment

If you have any questions, please call 0115 9151796 and ask to speak to Michelle Bramley, Mellers school office manager.

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