Relationships, Sex and Health Education

At Mellers Primary School, we are all treated fairly and are valued.  We love and respect ourselves, others, our school, and the world around us.  Preparing children for life is part of the school’s Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RSHE) programme.  To teach the RSE unit, we use accredited resources.  This area of the curriculum teaches children about relationships, sexual differences, health, and personal safety.

The RSE information for parents outlines what is covered in each year group and which vocabulary the children will learn in their year group.  The resources we use are highly respected and widely used throughout the UK.  As RSE is now statutory, we wanted to ensure that we are teaching the subject to a high standard, preparing children for life now and in the future.

Our RSHE curriculum is thorough and empowering, and teaches our children about how to respect themselves and others.  Our school council was involved in putting the curriculum together, and they feel that this work is important, as it helps us to:

  • be prepared for the future
  • understand issues/problems and solve them
  • know that we can talk openly
  • develop self-value and empathy
  • value others for their individual worth
  • educate ourselves
  • know about rights and value our uniqueness

Mellers’ Parents RSHE Information

Department for Education RSE Primary Schools Guide For Parents

Here’s a pdf of some interesting websites for parents:

Useful Websites For Parents

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