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1.7.19 Anne Peach

This morning, my fellow governors and I took part in a session to plan for the Ofsted inspection which is due in the next few months, and to prepare for the changes to the Ofsted framework.

25.6.19 Lesley Lyon

As part of Governor Monitoring Week, I visited Year 6 to see how the pupils I interviewed earlier this term were actually doing in class. What I witnessed was astonishing. It was a geography lesson in which the pupils were reading maps and drawing conclusions about the land from their discussions. The whole class was … Continue reading 25.6.19 Lesley Lyon

13.6.19 Rajae Wright

Rajae Wright – meeting with Mellers Governors 13.6.19 Being at Mellers helped me with my social and communication skills. I have perspective to help me with problems. It was a privilege to be at Mellers and learn music. I have progressed and I want an instrument to continue into the future. In year 7 it … Continue reading 13.6.19 Rajae Wright

27.6.19 Anne Peach

On RSE Day, I sat in on several RSE classes with parents. For instance, Year 1 were looking at families and members of the family and their relationships, and Year 2 were looking at the similarities and differences between people.  I talked to the parents who really appreciated being able to sit in on classes. … Continue reading 27.6.19 Anne Peach

26.6.19 Lesley Lyon

Yesterday afternoon I visited school to watch the KS2 show Revolting Rhymes and what a joy! There were more than 100 pupils dancing, singing and acting with confidence and sheer enjoyment. There had clearly been many hours of preparation and rehearsal on behalf of the pupils and staff. The audience clearly enjoyed the show as … Continue reading 26.6.19 Lesley Lyon


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