Mellers is a unique and extraordinary school. The governing body has a vision for exceptional progress for all children, irrespective of starting point, through inspirational teaching and leadership.  Children will be enabled to be resilient learners in a culture where there is no stereotyping of expectations and in a safe, nurturing environment.

Please find below details of how our governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each governor. We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

The governors’ blog lets you know what our very active governing body has been doing, and how the members of the governing body have been involved in ensuring Mellers goes from strength to strength.  You can find it on the home page of this website.

Meet our governors

The school governing body consists of the following:

• Parent governors

• Staff governors (including the head teacher)

• LA appointed governors

• Community governors

In addition, the governing body must elect a chair and vice chair. You can contact the Chair of Governors by email at or through the school office.

Lesley Lyon
Amanda Photo School Sept 21
Sue Blakeway
Femi F

I am Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors at Mellers.
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I’m Amanda Dawson, headteacher at Mellers.
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I’m Sue Blakeway, joint vice chair and co-opted governor.
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I’m Femi Folorunso, co-opted governor.
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Anne Peach
Mr Ali 1
Celia Morris

I’m Anne Peach, local councillor and local authority governor.
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I’m Laura Patel, deputy head at Mellers and associate governor.
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I’m Liaqat Ali, associate governor at Mellers.   Click for my bio.

I’m Celia Morris a co-opted governor.  Click for my bio.

Teeny Reid
Jo Kervick
Carol's Photo
Clare C Pic (002)
Amy Fuller

I’m Teeny Reid, staff governor and teaching assistant in Year 2 River Leen.
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I’m Jo Kervick, staff governor and teacher in Year 3 Arboretum class.
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I’m Carol McCrone, joint vice chair of the governing body.
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I’m Clare Colmore, clerk to the Mellers governing body.  Click for my bio.

I’m Amy Fuller, associate governor and assistant headteacher at a local secondary school.  Click for my bio.

Please see the table attached here for details of our governing body

Information about our governors

Terms of Reference Mellers Primary School Sept 2019

Powers and duties of the governing body

The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement

•Setting appropriate targets for pupil achievement at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

• Managing the school’s budget

• Making sure that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based

• Reporting National Curriculum assessments and examination results

• Appointing the headteacher and deputy headteacher, determining how the appointment of other staff will be managed and establishing procedures for management of staff conduct and discipline and staff grievances

• Reviewing the school’s performance management policy

• Managing governors’ duties to pupils with Special Educational Needs under Section 317 of the Education Act 1996

• Drawing up an action plan after an inspection


What do our governors do?

The role of the governing body is to take a largely strategic role in the running of the school. This includes:

• Setting up a strategic framework for the school and helping to decide the school’s strategy for improvement

• Setting its aims, objectives and priorities

• Agreeing policies and targets for achieving the objectives

• Monitoring and reviewing aims, objectives and whether the policies, targets and priorities are being achieved

• Acting as a critical friend by asking questions and push for improvements as well as promoting the interests of the school and its pupils

• Ensuring accountability by discussing and refining proposals while respecting the professional roles of the headteacher and other staff. In its turn the governing body answers for its actions to parents and the wider local community for the school’s overall performance

The governing body is not responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school. This is the responsibility of the headteacher

Governor Code of Conduct

Governor monitoring

Our governing body is actively involved in making sure the school development plan is having an impact, and here is the governors’ plan which outlines the way in which the members of our governing body will measure the impact of our development work.

September 2021-July 2022

Governors’ Monitoring Plan 2021-22

September 2020-July 2021

Governors’ Monitoring Plan 2020-21

September 2019-July 2020

Governors’ Monitoring Plan 2019-20

September 2018-July 2019

Governors’ Monitoring Plan 2018-19

September 2017-July 2018

Governors’ Monitoring Plan 2017-18

What impact does the governing body have?

The following is a statement by the governors of Mellers Primary School showing the monitoring work that has been carried out by the board and the impact that the visits have had for the education of the pupils.

Governors’ Impact Statement 2020-21

Governors’ Impact Statement 2019-20

Governors’ Impact Statement 2018-19

Governors’ Impact Statement 2017-18

Governors’ Impact Statement 2016-17

Minutes of governing body meetings

Governing Body Meeting Minutes 2020-21

Governing Body Meeting Minutes 2019-20

Governing Body Meeting Minutes 2018-19

Governing Body Meeting Minutes 2017-18

Governing Body Meeting Minutes 2016-17

Governor Body Meeting Minutes 2015-16

We’re in the process of uploading up to date photos of our governing body!

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