School Dinners

At Mellers, we have fabulous, hot, home-cooked dinners, prepared on the premises by our award winning catering team.  All children in Key Stage One have a free school meal; children in Key Stage Two can choose to bring a healthy packed lunch or have a hot school meal.  Here is our school policy on packed lunches: Packed Lunch Policy

The cost per day is £2.50 and can be paid for on the Arbor app.

Payment must be made in advance, using the app, otherwise your child will not be able to have a school dinner.  If you fall behind with payments, please speak to someone in the school office.  Unfortunately, if you don’t make arrangements with the office to clear any debt, your child will have to bring a packed lunch and will not be able to have a school dinner.  Any debt above £200 will be referred to the city council debt recovery service.

Nottingham City Council’s wonderful catering department manage our school meals service, here are their termly newsletters:

Parents Newsletter Summer 2022 

Here’s the calendar of all the special events that will be reflected in our school meals this year:

Here is our current school dinner menu:

September 2022 Menu

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