Year Four: Notts County and Nottingham Forest

In English, we will be reading Storm by Kevin Crossley Holland. This captivating story follows the journey of Annie, a girl growing up in Norfolk, where the strange and ghostly lurk nearby. On a stormy night, Annie must face her fears and run for help. Once we complete our work on Storm, we will dive into Varjak Paw by SF Said. This tale follows the adventures of a Mesopotamian Blue cat named Varjak Paw, who is pushed out of his sheltered home and forced into the city by the sinister Gentleman and his menacing cats. 

In maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. It is crucial for your child to learn all their multiplication and division facts this year, and your support at home will greatly assist them. One effective way to practice is through TTRockstars, an online platform. We will also explore the concept of measuring length, calculating the perimeter of various shapes, and introduce the topic of fractions. 

Our science lessons are all about Sound. We will learn about how vibrations create sounds and how sounds travel at different speeds through different mediums. We will also explore how sounds can change in pitch and loudness. Additionally, we will look at the anatomy of the ear and understand what happens to sound vibrations when they reach our ears. Furthermore, we will learn about electricity and construct simple series circuits, experimenting with various components and switches to create basic devices. 

In history, our focus will be on The Stone Age. We will explore the lifestyles of early humans, the use of stone tools, and the captivating cave art they created. We will also explore the transition from hunting and gathering to farming and settlement, the construction of homes, and the overall impact of the Stone Age on human development. As a part of this topic, we will be studying the artwork of Melanie Yazzie and create our own Stone Age prints. 

In RE, we will be studying symbols and religious expression. Our main question will be “How do people express their religious and spiritual ideas through pilgrimages?” We will learn about important pilgrimages and religious journeys, such as Makkah for Muslims, Varanasi for Hindus, and Lourdes, Iona, or the Holy Land for Christians. 

In computing, our focus will be on effective searching. We will teach the children how to analyse the credibility of information found on web pages. Furthermore, we will explore writing for different audiences and demonstrate how technology can aid in organizing, reorganising, developing, and exploring ideas. This will also allow the children to discuss their experiences with ICT usage and its application in the wider world. 

For PE, Year 4 Nottingham Forest will be on Wednesdays, while Year 4 Notts County will be on Thursdays. Children can come to school wearing their PE kit on those specific days. Additionally, children are now allowed to take their instruments home if they wish to practice over the weekends. However, we kindly ask that the instruments are brought back to school on Mondays in preparation for their lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

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