PE and swimming

We have a specialist PE teacher, Nathan Walters, who teaches each class every week.  You can find the PE scheme of work in the main curriculum overview section.  Nathan ensures that the children build on their skills and knowledge each year. He liaises closely with class teachers to make sure that those pupils who have a particular aptitude for sport are signposted on to football teams, Notts athletic club, gymnastics clubs etc.

Here’s this year’s PE timetable:

PE Timetable

Every child from F2 to Y6 benefits from swimming lessons each year.  Our F2 and Y1 pupils have a term of swimming each year, our Y2 pupils swim all year round for 3 terms, as this is the age at which children make most progress, our Y3 pupils have 2 terms of swimming and then Y4, Y5 and Y6 have a term of swimming each year.  We also run a key stage two catch up swimming session every summer term for any pupils that joined throughout the year and are unable to swim.  This way, no pupil can slip through the net and every pupil will be able to swim by the time they leave us.  Here’s the swimming timetable for this year:

Swimming Timetable

Please find the risk assessment for swimming during the coronavirus period:

Covid Swimming Risk Assessement

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