Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

This half-term, Year 3 will be reading The Tin Forest by Helen Ward, illustrated by Wayne Anderson. The book is about an old man and his dream of living in a forest filled with plants, birds, and animals. The book covers themes of environmentalism, isolation, and determination.

In maths, we will continue our work on multiplication and division, and later move on to a unit on money.

Our science focus this half-term is light, where the pupils will learn about how shadows are cast, how light reaches earth from the sun and different light sources.

Our curriculum work will include:

  • Using the illustrator Wayne Anderson and the painter Henri Rousseau as a starting point in our art lessons, where we will be learning how to mix watercolours and
  • Learning about what life was like for people living in Ancient Rome.
  • Using timelines correctly and ordering events using BCE and CE.
  • Understanding where and why volcanoes form, and what leads to an eruption.
  • The effects of a volcano eruption on people and environment.
  • Using the spreadsheet tool to organise and calculate information.
  • How to use a keyboard to type correctly and efficiently.
  • Preparing and baking our own design of jam tart.
  • Differences and similarities between prayer in different religions.

Homework will be given on a Monday to be returned by Friday.
Outdoor learning will be on Tuesday.
In Harmony will be on Wednesday.
P.E. will be on Monday for Arboretum and Friday for Highfields.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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