Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

In Year Three, our theme is ‘India’ and our big question is ‘how does India colour the world?’

We will be looking at the geography of India and creating some India-inspired artwork. In science, we are learning about animals including humans. Our history lessons will focus on the partition of India, and the creation of Pakistan.  We’ll visit the Hindu temple on Carlton Road.  Our book this half term is The Iron Man. We will be seeing a live theatre performance of The Iron Man in Radford Library on Thursday 21st November. In maths, we are learning about statistics, angles and shape. Arboretum’s PE day is Friday, and Highfields have PE every Monday. Arboretum class will be visiting the library on Wednesday 6th November, and Highfields will be visiting the library on Wednesday 13th November.

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