Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

In English, we are sharing the beautiful Oliver Jeffers book ‘Here We Are’. Our writing will be inspired by the book and we will be writing poetry and information leaflets, amongst other activities, over the next few weeks.

In maths, we will be working on number sense skills using short sessions each day.

In science, we will be concentrating on developing our ‘working scientifically’ skills, in particular observing and setting up fair tests. We will be comparing different brands of biscuits then investigating which brand is the best for dunking!

This term, we are focussing on online safety. We will learn how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We will discuss how communities connect together using the internet and we’ll look at emails and blogging as a way of connecting and communicating. The children will start to understand that not everything on the internet is true and whilst it is a useful resource, the children need to ask themselves, is it fact or fiction?  We will learn how to be SMART!

This term in art, we have started our learning with the portrait Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady Elizabeth by David Martin. This picture has sparked some great discussion around race and family, as the painting has an interesting story behind it; Dido Belle was the daughter of an enslaved Caribbean woman and a British aristocrat. She was brought to England and lived an extraordinary life with her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray; the classes are using it to inspire their own self-portraits this term. We will be practising our sketching skills and learning new techniques, as well as talking about colour theory and learning how to mix different tones and shades.

For design and technology, the classes will be researching, designing and making their own functioning door for a minibeast house.  Hopefully we will be able to create something new and exciting!

Our history lessons this year are teaching the classes how to use inference and critical thinking to examine a historical source. The classes have been excavating their own historical dig sites and using items to investigate a Roman skeleton! This work will demonstrate and celebrate the diverse history of the U.K.  We will be developing our map skills in geography lessons by looking at different kinds of map, understanding scale and keys.

PE for both Year 3 classes is on Wednesday. The children can come to school in their PE kits on PE day.  Both Year 3 classes will also be swimming on Tuesday. Please make sure that the children bring in their own swimming kit.

Arboretum outdoor learning is on Monday and Highfields outdoor learning is on Thursday. On these days the children can come to school in suitable outdoor clothing.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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