Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

During the summer term in English, Year 3 will be using the book The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy, the story of a young girl with an important job. This book will lend itself well to story-writing, character descriptions and poetry. In maths, we have moved onto measuring length and perimeter, and will be moving on to fractions and time as the term progresses.

In science, the children will be learning to identify and classify different types of rock, and learning about the life cycle of a plant and what it needs to grow. They will have the opportunity to take part in lots of practical activities to help them to work scientifically.

In geography, currently we are studying volcanoes, which follows last term’s history unit on Ancient Rome, where we will study the ancient city of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. The children will identify the features of a volcano, understand what happens during a volcanic eruption and the impact it has on plants and animals. We will also be studying the Amazon rainforest during our geography sessions, and learning about the causes of deforestation and its impact on local people. This will have a cross-curricular link to our history work, in which we will be studying the Ancient Mayans, their lifestyle and traditions.

Our art lessons will focus on sculpture. The children will be working with clay to model their own sculptures and begin to evaluate and critique their own and each other’s work. In D.T over the next half-term, we will be working on structure and designing our own hinged door. This will link well to our outdoor learning work in the nature garden. After the holidays, we will be completing a unit on sewing where the children will make their own bean-bag animals.

During computing lessons, the children will be learning how to send and answer emails, and will be using databases to organise information digitally.

This term, Y3 will be going swimming. We swim on a Monday morning, and the children must have a suitable swimming costume. The swimming costume must be a one-piece, with no pockets. Please don’t send them with a swimming costume that is baggy.

P.E days are Fridays; please ensure your child has their correct kit, including trainers for outdoors, on this day.

Our In Harmony sessions continue to be on a Wednesday, where the pupils are consolidating their understanding of beats and rhythms.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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