Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

This half-term, Year 3 will be reading The Promise by Nicola Davies. The book is about a little girl who takes a bag from an old woman. She is surprised by what she finds in the bag. The book covers themes of environmentalism, wellbeing and determination.

In maths, we will be learning all about the properties of shape, including lines and angles. We will also be starting our work on place value, focusing on the value of digits up to 1000.

Our science focus this half-term is forces and magnets, where the children will investigate how things move on different surfaces, observe how magnets attract and repel each other and attract some materials and not others.

Our curriculum work will include:

  • Looking at the work of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat and their influence on street art in the 1980s.
  • Learning about what life was like in the 80s, as part of the Mellers’ 50th birthday celebrations. We will be looking at music, technology, fashion and the miner’s strike.
  • Understanding how to use different types of maps and evaluating their purpose.
  • How to stay safe online and keep your information secure, and beginning our work on coding.
  • Beginning to understand Christianity and the beliefs and questions that they hold.
  • Looking at life in Tudor times and making comparisons with the present.

PE will be on Monday.
Homework will be given on a Monday to be returned by Friday.
Outdoor learning will be on Tuesday.
In Harmony will be on Wednesday.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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