Year Three: Highfields and Arboretum

In Year 3, our theme is ‘Under the Sea’ and our big question is ‘What can you find under the deep, blue abyss?’ We will discover weird and wonderful sea creatures, explore the major oceans and seas of the world, investigate the effects of pollution and get creative with some fishy art.

In maths, we are learning to find the perimeter of simple shapes and place value of numbers up to 1000.  In science, we are learning about Magnets and forces.  Our English focus book this half term is Jemmy Button.  Arboretum’s PE day is Monday, and Highfields is Friday. Please remember your PE kit.  In Harmony is on Wednesday for both classes.

We will be seeing a live theatre performance at The Iron Man in Radford Library on Thursday 21st November.  Bottom of Form

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