Year One: Major Oak and Sherwood Forest

During this half term the Year One children will be learning about the characters Anna and Crocodile in the book ‘How to Find Gold’ by Viviane Schwarz. They will be helping Anna and Crocodile find the gold by writing them instructions to follow and then they will be giving them advice on what they should do with the gold. Then the children will be reading poems from the book ‘The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems’ edited by June Crebbin. They will be performing, writing and listening to poems about Spaghetti and witches.

In PSHE, we will be thinking about first aid and how we should act in a state of emergency. We will also be looking at drug education and how we can keep ourselves from harm in our own homes. Next half term, we will begin looking at financial education and how to be sensible with our money. RSE will also be covered next term where the children will begin to understand some of the differences between the genders. The children will be having circle time every week to share their worries, concerns and award the Star of the Week prize.

For the first half term children will be exploring sculptures designed by Yayoi Kusama in their Art lessons. They will be deciding which one of her colourful designs they like best and will have a go at making their own bright sculpture, using salt dough. Then the children will learn about printing.

We have started this half term by looking at multiplication and division of numbers in maths and the children will solve problems using grouping and sharing. We will then spend the latter half of this term looking at fractions, focusing on finding a half and a quarter of shapes, objects and amounts, as well as beginning to look at position and direction. Next half term, we will turn our attention to looking at place value for numbers up to 100, whilst also covering money and time.

In history we will be looking at the evolution of houses over time. We will be ranking homes from those we would like to live in to those we would not like to live in. Both classes will be putting their memories to the test by thinking about the steps that they went through to build a house, as well as writing a non-chronological report detailing specific features of different types of homes.

In geography the children are learning about weather around the world and how people change their clothes depending on what the weather is. Next half term year 1 children will be looking at their local area, Radford, and how it is different to the area around Highfields Park in Nottingham.

In science the children will be answering the question ‘How does the weather change across the seasons?’. Year One will be conducting simple experiments including measuring the length of a shadow across the course of a day alongside observing weather patterns across a week and understanding the reasons for any differences. Next half term, we will be focusing on working scientifically. The children will begin to understand concepts such as fair testing and will develop an understanding of key terminology in the field of Science such as prediction, variable and experiment.

In RE, the children’s learning is based around the big question ‘In what ways are churches and synagogues important to believers?’ with a focus on the Judaism and Christianity. The children will be looking at the way in which these religions show how they care for religious buildings and why they are special to them. The children will be looking at the inside of a church and a synagogue and thinking about how they differ.

Year One has swimming on a Tuesday and outdoor learning on a Wednesday. Sherwood Forest have PE on a Thursday and Major Oak have PE on a Friday.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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