Year One: Major Oak and Sherwood Forest

Year One’s big question this half term is ‘how do we know where we are?’ The children will be using maps to locate the four countries in Great Britain, London our capital city and Nottingham, to know where they live in England. They will be learning new positional language for example; left, right, near and far. To practise this, we will be using Bee-Bots to find a route and input instructions for the Bee-Bot to follow. The children have also started a new topic in science named ‘Treasure Island’. They will be looking closely at materials and testing whether they are waterproof or not. This will then help them to make wise decisions about materials to use when creating shelters as if they were shipwrecked on a desert island. In English the children have a new story, ‘How to find Gold’ by Viviane Schwartz. The two main characters are a girl called Anna, who is extremely adventurous, and her best friend Crocodile who is rather timid and reluctant to find gold. They will be writing instructions and letters to Anna and Crocodile as well as creating short stories using the themes within this book. Year One will continue to have PE on a Monday so will need appropriate PE kit each week.


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