Year One: Major Oak and Sherwood Forest

In maths this term, year one will be learning about shape, numbers to 10 and addition and subtraction with numbers to 10. The children will be using different methods to help them partition, group, and sort numbers. At the beginning of this term the children will be reading the book ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ By Linda Sarah. The children will be learning about why it is important to look after our environment and who is important in our lives. Then Year One will be reading an Indian traditional tale called ‘No dinner!’ by Jessica Souhami. Year one will compare this story to other traditional tales and will even write their own traditional tale.

In art we will be looking at different pencil lines and how these can be used to create different drawing effects. The children will be inspired by drawings from Vincent Van Gogh and Giorgio Morandi to create a still life drawing of objects from the 2000s. Then the children will be using different paint brush techniques to create a landscape painting. In geography year one is going to use different maps to see where they live and find places where they may have been before. The children will be using google maps, and atlas and a globe to see how maps can be presented in different ways. The children will even have a go at making their own map of around the school.

In science the children are investigating animals and humans and looking at the big question ‘Can we keep a lion in the nature garden?’. Year one will be looking at animals and how they are similar and different. The children will be looking at the structure of the human body and how we use our senses to experience things around us. In computing we will look at online safety and how to log on and off the computer correctly. In RE the children’s learning is based around the big question ‘Who celebrates what and why?’ with a focus on the Jewish and Christian faiths. The children will be looking at different religious celebrations and comparing them to their own experiences.

Year one has outdoor learning on a Wednesday and PE on a Thursday.

Here’s the knowledge organiser for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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