Year One: Major Oak and Sherwood Forest

This half term the children will begin by reading the story ‘No Dinner!’ by Jessica Souhami. This is an Indian traditional tale, and the children will be exploring whether the grandma will get out of the forest away from the tiger, bear and wolf. Then the children will be reading ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey. This follows the story of a superhero toy saving all the other toys around the house.

In maths the children will start this half term by look at 2d and 3d shapes. They will be grouping the shapes depending on their different properties. Then the children will be adding and subtracting with numbers to 10.  In science the children will be learning about animals and the human body. They will be looking at which animals are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and how we use our different senses to navigate our world.

We will be making pop up cards in DT and will be creating a snowy scene using different paint brushes and paint strokes in art. In history the children will be learning about what it was like for a child at school in the Victorian times. They will be comparing their life to those who lived between 1837-1901. In geography the children will be thinking about the question ‘Where do we live?’ and looking at a map of the United Kingdom.

This half term the children will be taking part in outdoor learning sessions on a Tuesday and PE on a Tuesday. On these days, please make sure your child comes in appropriate clothing: trainers, tracksuit bottoms, school jumper and a coat in case it rains whilst we are outdoors.

Here’s the knowledge organiser for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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