Year One: Major Oak and Sherwood Forest

In maths this half term, year one are focusing on place value with numbers within 50. We will end the half term by focusing on length, weight, height and volume. In English we are using an extremely interesting and factual story book called ‘One Day on our Blue Planet in the Rainforest.’ The children will be drawing animals, writing fact files and will end the half term by creating a non-chronological report about a chosen animal from the Rainforest. History is another exciting subject as we will be learning about the Titanic. We will be using a text called ‘Polar the Titanic Bear’ which has real sources of information from the years around 1912 when the Titanic was built. The children will be learning about Andy Goldsworthy in art and in geography the children are looking at the big question ‘Would we Find a House in a Forest?’ They will be comparing human and natural features from beaches, forests and the city. ICT this half term is focused on grouping and classifying data. We have our science week on the week commencing 8.3.21, and the children will then move onto classifying and labelling plants and trees. In PSHE the children will be focusing on our Drug Education topic and in music they will be focusing on singing.

Here’s the knowledge organiser for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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