Curriculum Overview

Here are the details of our Mellers curriculum, which outlines the knowledge and skills that we expect children to know and be able to use during their Mellers journey. Their knowledge, skills and understanding develop and build year on year, until they’re ready for the next step of their learning journey into secondary education, college, university and from there into a fulfilling career.  In order to maximise opportunities for learning, teachers use interesting, relevant themes and reading materials to promote a buzz for learning in all curriculum areas, supported by a wide and exciting range of visits and residential visits.  Our commitment to enrichment shines through, and our pupils become accomplished brass musicians, are able to swim at least 25m (often substantially more) by the time they leave us for secondary school, and have a deep love of learning, thirst for knowledge and respect for each other.

Maths is taught according to the principles of mastery, and we use a combination of Maths No Problem and White Rose schemes.  We use The Power of Reading, Rainbow Grammar, Fluency Project to support the teaching of English, and Little Wandle to support phonics teaching.

Our curriculum review was thorough and detailed; we have worked closely with staff, pupils, parents and governors over the last couple of years to establish a curriculum that matches our aspirations, aims and vision for our community, and which embraces the unique and extraordinary quality of our school. The review process was kick-started by a city wide INSET day in 2019, which was organised by Mellers and led by Tom Sherrington, who was incredibly inspiring, and scaffolded the day carefully to support our knowledge and understanding of the pedagogy of curricula and schema.  Curriculum leaders are now focused, clear and effective at ensuring that their subject area delivers on our vision and aims.  They are members of the relevant professional associations for their subjects, eg The Historical Association, Geographical Association etc, which enables them to ensure they are completely up to date and current.  They monitor regularly and adapt to ensure excellence.  Although our curriculum development is a constantly evolving process, we are happy that the Mellers curriculum reflects our aspirations and hopes for our community.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum in Years 1-6, and Early Learning Goals and Development Matters in the Early Years:

National Curriculum Overview Years 1-6

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