Mellers School Rules

In this section you’ll find our school rules. Please help your child to follow the school rules by talking to your child about them at home.

Mellers Primary School Rules

1.  Always keep your hands and feet to yourself

(Don’t hit, kick, spit at, slap, push or hurt anyone else)

2.  Always be respectful and have good manners

(Don’t back chat, interrupt, shout out, talk when someone else is talking or argue with anyone)

3.  Always listen to other people and be kind to them

(Do not bully, threaten, steal, shout, swear or name call)

4.  Always be honest

(Do not tell lies, cover up for other people’s lies or try and get other people into trouble)

5.  Respect property; school or other people’s

(don’t break anything, damage books or equipment or take other people’s things)

6.  Be calm and considerate in and around school

(Don’t run, shout, push, barge into people)

Think about the consequences before you break a rule, and take responsibility for your own actions!

Mellers Primary Playtime Rules

  • Whatever happens at playtime stays at playtime

(Don’t bring playtime problems into class as this wastes learning time)

  • Let other people join in your game

(Don’t be mean and make others feel sad)

  • Be respectful with playtime equipment

(Don’t throw sticks in the pond, push people off the trim trail or kick balls onto the roof)

  • Stop playing and stand still when you hear the bell or whistle

(Don’t carry on playing football or any other games)

  • Walk quietly and calmly to your line

(Don’t run, push, shove or barge into anyone)

These rules must be followed at playtime in addition to the 6 school rules.

Mellers Primary Sanctions

(This is what happens if you break the rules)

In Foundation Stage:

If you break a rule, you will sit on the ‘thinking chair’ until you have calmed down

In KS1 and KS2

  1. Verbal warning
  2. First letter of your name on the board
  3. Your whole name is written on the board
  4. A tick is put by your name (check)
  5. A second check, which means that you have to do detention in the hall
  6. A third check means that you have to spend timeout (1 hour) in another classroom
  7. A fourth check means that you have to spend half a day in isolation in the Headteacher’s room

BUT any violence, bullying, discrimination or serious damage to school property will be dealt with immediately by the Headteacher.

Rewards for good behaviour

Throughout school we use an internet based reward system called Marvellous Me, an app through which all members of Mellers staff can send a ‘badge’ home by text to parents, notifying them of what their child has done well.  This comes as a text alert, which directs parents to go to the app that they will have downloaded to their phone or PC, where they can find details of the reward.  Mellers staff members keep a track of the number of badges that the children have been given, and award certificates accordingly:

In the foundation stage, children who work hard or behave well are rewarded with stars:

10 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me

20 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me

30 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me

40 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me

50 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me and a bronze certificate

80 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me and a silver certificate

100 stars earn a badge on Marvellous Me and a gold certificate

In KS1 and KS2:

20 badges earn a bronze sticker and certificate

40 badges earn a silver sticker and certificate

60 badges earn a gold sticker, a certificate and a book from Waterstones

80 badges earn a platinum sticker and a certificate

As a reward for good behaviour, each half term all children who haven’t had their name taken throughout the term will be able to come to school in non-uniform for a day: the final day of each half term. This was proposed by the School Council and agreed as appropriate.

Badges will be rewarded for:

  • good effort with a particular piece of work, spelling tests or multiplication test; being on task and ready to work; bringing reading diaries to school, with evidence of reading with an adult (these are just examples and not an exhaustive list). One badge will usually be awarded, but this can be increased to more in the case of exceptional work.
  • consistently behaving correctly or for an exceptional piece of work.
  • being kind, caring or helpful.

Badges will not be rewarded for:

  • walking quietly along the corridor, sitting ready to listen in assembly etc as these are behaviours that we expect as the ‘norm’ at Mellers Primary and which will be rewarded with a comment from a member of staff.
  • they will not be rewarded for good behaviour in detention, walking ‘nicely’ to time out or at any point during an outburst of bad behaviour. At no point will any child be rewarded with a badge during or after such an outburst.


There will be a weekly assembly in which good work and behaviour will be celebrated.  Each Friday, one class teacher will choose 5 or 6 children to show examples of good quality work that they’ve done (this could be written work, PE, dance, swimming etc), which should include at least one social, behavioural or pastoral success (e.g. being kind, improved behaviour, really good reading at home etc).

The weekly ‘great work’ assembly will also include the Headteacher’s Award certificates for children and staff members who have made a positive contribution to their class in some way during the week.

Parents/carers are invited to attend this assembly to celebrate the good work that takes place in our school.

Every half term, each class teacher will nominate one child for the Wise Owl award, which rewards children who have made a significant contribution to Mellers School.

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