Year Two: River Trent and River Leen

In English children will be reading the book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. The children will be creating a friend for Beegu and retelling the story of Beegu’s time on Earth. Next half term Year Two will completing poet studies and then creating a non-chronological report about dinosaurs, based on the book of poems ‘A first book of dinosaurs.

In maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division by comparing equal and unequal groups, solving the multiplication sentences using the x symbol, creating equal groups by sharing and solving division problems. The knowledge organisers attached will show you which vocabulary and key ideas the children are expected to become familiar with.

Here’s what we’re learning across the curriculum:

· Science: This half term we will be investigating how animals are best suited for their habitat and how food chains help animals to survive. As the season changes next half term, the children will be exploring different life cycles.

· DT: our project is to design and make a car, by investigating the most efficient mechanism

· Geography: The children will be investigating coasts. They will be comparing landlocked and coastal coasts.

· Art: Next half term the children will be making observational drawings using a range of medias.

· RE: answering the big question, ‘What does it mean to belong?’ and will explore what it means to belong to group and will identify what groups they belong to. They will also look at what belonging looks like in the Christian faith.

· Computing: This half term Year two will be exploring spreadsheets and then will be coding.

· PSHE: We will be looking at first aid and what makes up a healthy lifestyle.

Year Two River Leen has PE on a Monday. Year Two River Trent has PE on a Thursday

Here are the knowledge organisers for this term’s work:

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