Year Two: River Trent and River Leen

This half-term, Year 2 will be reading ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by Linda Sarah. The book is about a little girl, Funni, who transforms an airport carpark covered with litter into a beautiful garden. We will be planting our own flowers and writing instructions for how to do so, drawing and describing our dream place, and debating whether the garden should stay a secret or not.

In maths, we will be learning the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Have a look at our knowledge organiser to see what the children are expected to learn in this topic. We will also be starting our unit on place value. We will learn how to represent numbers to 100 using tens and ones, compare and order them, and spot patterns within them.

Our science focus this half-term links to our English book: plants. Our second knowledge organiser shows you what vocabulary the children are expected to know in this topic.

Our curriculum work will include:

  • Looking at the work of Jackson Pollock and having a go at his fun painting style!
  • Learning about what life was like in the 90s, as part of the Mellers’ 50th birthday celebrations
  • Understanding what maps are and why we use them
  • Discussing friendships and what skills make us good friends
  • Beginning to understand Judaism and what beliefs are central to this religion
  • Understanding how to use the internet safely

Swimming will be on Monday until February half-term. PE will be on Tuesday.

Here’s the knowledge organiser for this term’s work:

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