Year Five: Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal

During the summer term, Year Five will be reading the book ‘The Song From Somewhere Else’ by A.F Harrold in their English lessons. This fantasy story covers the important themes of friendship and bullying, and the children will be producing various genres of writing relating to the text, such as persuasive letters, poetry and narrative writing.

In maths, the children will be continuing to learn about decimals, in particular, adding and subtracting a mixture of whole numbers and decimals. They will then be moving onto properties of shape, position and direction and finally converting units of measure.

In science, Year 5 will be studying different animals and their life cycles, comparing and contrasting them. The class will also have the opportunity to plant their own cucumbers, tomatoes and butternut squash seeds, making observations on what they see.

In art, Year 5 will be studying the artists El-Seed, Hassan Mossoudy and Nadia Janhua, and discussing how Islamic art has changed over time. They will then be completing their own Islamic art collage.

In RE , the children will be studying the Islamic faith and gaining an understanding of how Islamic beliefs can impact the wider community.

To complement the work in art and RE, in history we will be studying the rise of the Early Islamic Civilisations and how the discoveries made during that time benefit us today.

PE will be on Mondays, and the children will be learning and practising cricket skills. During this term, we will be going on our residential trip to Hagg Farm (27th-29th June).

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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