Year Five: Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal

This half-term, we are continuing to read the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Docherty. The story is set in a Victorian slum and will link to our big question in history ‘Did social status affect the punishment received by Victorian criminals?’ We will conclude our learning about different punishments given throughout history from Roman times. The children will use drama and role play to explore a courtroom trial to decide whether a Victorian criminal is guilty and if so, what punishment they should receive, based on their learning in the topic. They will then follow this up by writing a newspaper article based on this courtroom trial. 

We are then going to move on to Early Islamic civilisation. Our big question in history will be ‘What was the legacy of Early Islamic civilisation on our lives today?’ We will be learning about life in Baghdad in the 9th century comparing it to life in Anglo-Saxon times. We will understand the importance of the House of Wisdom and the developments made in the progress of medicine. Finally, the significance of the Silk Road in spreading knowledge will be explored.  

In science, we are investigating materials. We will begin by looking at properties of materials. This will link to our history, as the child investigate which material is the most effective for a workhouse uniform. We will then look at dissolving materials and separating mixtures. This will lead us on to looking at reversible and irreversible changes. 

Our art this term will be to continue learning about printing, specifically looking at lino printing. In DT, we are continuing our learning from science last half term and looking at simple mechanisms to make a model animal that can open its mouth. In religious education, our topic is ‘Inspiring people in today’s world’. We will compare and contrast two important figures from different faiths. In ICT, the children will be designing and creating their own game. In maths, we will learn about decimals 

School uniform should be worn every day, with PE clothing and footwear brought in a separate bag. 

Our times for PE, outdoor learning and swimming are below.  

Here’s the knowledge organiser for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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