Year Five: Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal

This half-term, we are reading the books ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies and ‘Cosmic Disco’ by Grace Nicols. We will be thinking about the importance of our community and kindness. These themes are important to our whole curriculum as we want to build a culture of kindness and respect. Next half term, we will be reading ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’ by Joe Stanton. This follows a young girl who must summon her courage to save her brave father, who is trapped inside the Sphinx. This story follows on from Arthur and the Golden Rope, which the children have read in Year 4. It is an exciting adventure based on Norse mythology.

Our maths will have a number focus this term, starting with learning about place value and calculation before moving onto statistics and measurement.

In history lessons, we will begin the year by looking at the decade of the 1970s. We will be covering topics such as sport and music. Next half term, we will be studying Ancient Egypt. Our topic question will be ‘Which pharaoh would you have wanted to live under?’

In art, we will be looking at the rise of feminist art in the 1970s, including the works of Judy Chicago and Georgia O’Keefe. We will be reflecting on women who we believe to be important and inspirational in our world and creating an installation based on Judy Chicago’s work. Next half term, we will be practising our 3D sculpture skills by carving our Egyptian cartouches out of soap. This will also incorporate the use of hieroglyphics.

We will be designing and making life-size structures of fierce or friendly creatures in DT. We will be looking at how we make the structures strong and stable.

In religious education, our theme is ‘Inspiring people in today’s world’. We will compare and contrast three important figures from different faiths.  The RE curriculum is inclusive , therefore the children will discuss and explore non-religious views.

For science, we will be studying forces. The children will begin by investigating friction before moving onto exploring gravity, air resistance and water resistance. In the second half term we will be looking at space, considering what is moving in our solar system.

In geography, we will be developing our map skills and grid references to locate different points when we orienteer around school. Next half term, we will be exploring Africa, looking in particular at the Sahara Desert, looking at its human and physical features.

In our PSHE lessons, we will be exploring anti-bullying and healthy relationships.

For computing, we will be learning about online safety and the importance of using the internet responsibly. We will then move on to designing and making 3D models.

Both classes will have PE on a Friday and swimming on a Tuesday. Our outdoor learning sessions will also be on a Tuesday. School uniform should be worn every day, with PE clothing and sensible footwear (e.g. trainers) brought in a separate bag.

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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