Year Five: Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal

During the Summer Term, Year Five will be studying Macbeth and the Tempest by William Shakespeare in English, based on training delivered by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Most lessons will incorporate drama and the children will be producing various genres of writing relating to the text, including; letters, scripts, poetry, soliloquies, diary entries and narratives.
In maths, the children will be continuing to learn about decimals, in particular, adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. We will also be teaching properties of shape, position and direction and finally converting units of measure.
In science, Year Five will be studying different plants and animals and their life cycles, comparing and contrasting them before moving onto human development later in the term.
In Design Technology, the children will be cooking a dish using seasonal foods, including their own produce which they are currently growing in the classroom!
In art, Year 5 will be studying the artists El-Seed, Hassan Mossoudy and Nadia Janhua, and discussing how Islamic art has changed over time. They will then be completing their own Islamic art collage. To complement the work in art, in history we will be studying the rise of the Early Islamic Civilisations and how the discoveries made during that time benefit us today.
The children will be studying the Christian faith in RE and gaining an understanding of the different Christian celebrations and how they compare to other world religions.
PE will continue to be on Mondays for Nottingham Playhouse and Friday for Theatre Royal and the children will be learning and practising cricket skills.
During this term, we will also be going on our residential trip to Hagg Farm (5th-7th June).

Here are the knowledge organisers for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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