School Policies

Adult Safeguarding Policy

Annual Leave Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Antisocial Behaviour Policy

Appraisal Policy

Art And Design Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance And Punctuality Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Business Travel Scheme Policy

Calculation Policy

Camp Fire Policy

Charging Policy

Child Friendly New Arrivals’ Policy

Child Friendly New Arrivals’ Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy

Code Of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Computing And ICT Policy

Counter Fraud Policy

Data Protection Policy

Display Policy

Drug Policy

Equality Policy

Feedback To Children Policy

Financial Administration And Control Policy

First Aid Policy

Foundation Stage Policy

Fundraising Policy

GDPR Acceptable Use Of The Internet Policy

GDPR Data Protection Policy

GDPR Email Policy

GDPR Freedom Of Information Policy

GDPR Incidents And Breaches Policy

GDPR Records Management And Retention Policy

GDPR Remote Access And Mobile Computing Policy

Geography Policy

Governors’ Code Of Conduct

Handling Policy

Health And Safety Policy

History Policy

Homework Policy

Indoor Shoe Policy

Internet Access Policy

Internet Policy

Keeping Children Safe In Education

Learning Outside the Classroom Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Managing Serial And Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Maths Policy

Medicines Policy

MFL Policy

Minibus Policy

Monitoring Policy

Music Policy

New Governors’ Induction Policy

Offsite Visits Policy

Outdoor Play Policy

PE Policy

PHSE Policy

Pond Safety Policy

Positive Handling Policy And Appendices

Pupil Premium Policy

Reading Policy

Records Management Policy

Recruitment And Selection Policy

Religious Education Policy

Remote Education Policy 2021

Safeguarding Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

School Complaints Procedure

School Meal Debt Policy

School Range And Leadership Scales

School Swimming Health And Safety

Science Policy

Security Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Speaking And Listening Policy

Special Education Needs And Disability (SEND) Policy

Special Education Needs And Disability School Information Report 2021

Teachers’ Pay Policy

Teaching And Learning Policy

Whole School Food Policy

Writing Policy

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