Pupil Premium and Sports Award

At Mellers Primary School, all of our pupils make good or outstanding progress, mainly due to the excellent quality of our teaching staff: quality first teaching has a positive impact at Mellers.  Our school  receives pupil premium funding every year, based on the fact that 52% of our pupils are eligible for this funding, which is granted to school by the government to give extra help to the children whose parents are eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible at any point in the last 6 years.  As the vast majority of our pupils enter nursery at 3 years old, significantly below national average in basic skills such as speaking and listening, concentrating, knowledge and understanding of the world and often with limited experiences of enrichment, our aim is to ensure that our pupils make accelerated progress in all areas of learning so that they catch up, and then outperform their peers across the country. Our mission is to ensure that these barriers are overcome so that Mellers pupils are equipped to leave us and be successful at secondary school, college, into the best universities and beyond into happy, gainful employment.  Our nursery aged children also receive additional early years pupil premium funding, and this is used to fund a hot meal every day for those children.  We use pupil premium funding to ensure that all our children make equally good progress.  Our assistant headteacher, Joy Buttress, is our Pupil Premium champion.

The government gives all schools extra money to make sure that sports provision is of the highest quality, and to ensure that all children take part in physical exercise regularly.  We use our sports premium wisely to support quality sports and physical exercise. We aim to equip our pupils with healthy attitudes to sport and exercise for life, and signpost them to clubs and groups outside school e.g. football clubs, athletic groups, walking groups etc in order to ensure that our pupils develop a lifelong love of physical activity.

You can download the full breakdown of our expenditure of these funds and the impact they will have below.

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