Year Six: Brian Clough

Our big question this half term is, ‘how has the Holocaust had an impact on us?’

We will be learning about events in World War II throughout the term but particularly on National Holocaust Day on Monday 27th January.  We will focus on the events on Kristallnacht, which were at the beginning of the Holocaust.  We will use primary and secondary sources of evidence to find out what happened.  We will learn about Jewish culture and reflect on the treatment of minority groups today.

Our science theme is ‘Light’.  We will be investigating how it travels and how shadows are formed.  We will explore how light behaves on different surfaces, especially reflective surfaces.  We will learn about the refraction of light into the colours of the spectrum.

In geography we are researching clothing and the journey our clothes make from being made to being sold in shops.  We will be considering the price we pay for clothes and who receives what proportion of the money; we will also be thinking about Fair Trade.

Throughout school we will be celebrating Chinese New Year.  In year 6, this will link to our art work on sculpture.  The children will be creating soap carvings to celebrate ‘The Year of the Rat’.

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