Year Six: Brian Clough

Our big question this half term is, ‘why is Nottingham a great place to live?’

Year six will be investigating the answers to this question over the next half term. In history lessons, we will be learning how the city has evolved since the 6th century by finding out about key events such as the Civil War, the Black Death and the riots at Nottingham Castle. The visit to the ‘City of Caves’ will take place on 18th September and will be a fascinating afternoon learning about the importance of the cave system in Nottingham’s past.  Here’s a really helpful timeline, which compares the history of Nottingham with other British history:

Nottingham Timeline

In geography, we will learn about rivers in order to understand their importance in the development of Nottingham as a city, this will include a walk to the River Leen. The children will be learning to name the different parts, locate famous rivers around the world and learn how they are formed.

In computing, the pupils will be learning how to use technology safely and responsibly. This includes understanding the importance of keeping personal information private, how to handle cyber bullying and responsible use of messaging and social media apps.  Swimming takes place every Tuesday and PE on a Friday. It is essential that the children have the correct kit on these days.

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