Year Six: Brian Clough

Year six have an exciting half term ahead! We have a range of interesting lessons planned by the subject experts in school.

The painting below is called ‘Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin Lady Elizabeth’ by a Scottish artist called David Martin. The painting has an interesting story behind it as Dido Belle was the daughter of an enslaved Caribbean woman and a British aristocrat. She was brought to England and lived an extraordinary life with her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. The children will use the painting as a starting point for discussion and then learn how to paint self-portraits.

Our science theme is Biscuit Bonanza. The children will explore, enquire and evaluate a wide variety of biscuits to find which biscuits makes the best dunker. Throughout the topic, children will be learning a wide range of vocabulary (such as, submerge, sorting and variables). After exploring the different aspects of the biscuits (including their texture and shape), they will venture into sorting the biscuits into Venn diagrams. They will experiment with the variety of biscuits and begin to dip the biscuits into hot and cold water, and they will record their findings. From their experiments, they will determine with biscuit is best for dunking.

In history, we will be learning about the rich and diverse history of the United Kingdom. This will include work on interpreting information to decide if it is biased. We will learn about significant people that have had an impact of British history, including Princess Sophia Singh Duleep, an Indian princess who became a suffragette.

We will be developing our map skills in geography lessons by looking at different kinds of map, understanding scale and keys. We will use maps to navigate around the school grounds and doing an orienteering course.

Our design technology work is really exciting! The children will be learning woodwork skills to make a bird table! We will research the products that are already available and design something brand new to attract birds into our gardens.

Our outdoor learning sessions will take place on a Monday and PE is on a Friday, your child will need to wear PE kit to school every Friday.  Swimming is every Tuesday for Y6, so your child will need to bring swimming kit on Tuesdays.

Here’s the painting that’s the inspiration for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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