Year Six: Brian Clough and Jesse Boot

This term in year six we will focus the majority of our work on preparing the pupils for their transition to secondary school. This includes revision of work for SATs week, which begins on the 9th May. We want to ensure that all of our pupils are ready for the big changes ahead.

This term in English, we will be reading the book ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. This book will provide the stimulus for writing on order to practise all of the skills that we have learnt during our time at Mellers.

For science, we will be studying living things and their habitats. This will include learning about the classification system for living things which was developed by the scientist, Carl Linnaeus. We will also look at the habitats of animals in our local area and compare them to animals that live on the coast.

In preparation for our trip to Boggle Hole, our geography lessons will focus on the similarities and differences between living in Radford and living by the coast using maps and photographs. We will also learn about the geographical features of a coastline.

In computing, we are developing quizzes using a program on 2simple. These quizzes will be made to help younger pupils with their learning. In art lessons, we will be learning about print making and will design an image to be printed on fabric using a screen printer

We will celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee in June by hosting a party with a picnic. In history, we will learn more about the history of the monarchy. This will follow on from our work on the English Civil War and the children will be able to explain how this conflict led to the decline in the power of the monarchy.

Our Religious Education (RE) will provide opportunities to learn more about Islam and Sikhism and how followers of these religions use the holy scriptures to lead their lives. We will also think about the role of stillness and mindfulness in living a healthy life.

In maths lessons, we will be learning about algebra and problem solving. Mr Kasbia and Miss Dermody have been working with a local secondary school to plan activities that will prepare the children for transition.

PE day for Brian Clough class will be Wednesday and Jesse Boot class will have PE on Tuesdays. We will also go swimming every Tuesday morning starting from the 16th May. Please ensure that your child has the correct kit for both activities on these days, including trainers as we will try to go outside most weeks.

Here are the knowledge organisers for some of our work this term:

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