Year Six: Brian Clough

Our big question this half term is, ‘Was life in Nottingham better before or after the Industrial Revolution?’

Year six will be discovering what the Industrial Revolution was and why it contributed to the development of Nottingham as a city. We will learn about the living conditions in the slums and what life was like for children working in the factories. We will be interpreting maps and census information about the local area to help answer the question.

We will also be finding out about famous inventors from the past in design technology and thinking how their inventyions have changed the lives of people since before the Industrial Revolution.

In RE, we will also be learning about the different faiths represented by the community in Nottingham. We will learn about the key features of the different religions and look for similarities between each. We will also be looking at the life of William Booth to understand the significance of the Salvation Army in Nottingham.

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