Year Six: Brian Clough

Our big question this half term is, ‘why did Hitler’s rule of Germany impact so greatly on the lives of people in Nottingham from 1939—1945?’  We will be learning about events in World War II throughout the term building on learning from National Holocaust Day. We will focus on the events leading up to the World War II to understand why war broke out. We will also investigate the impact on the lives of people living in Nottingham during the war.

Our science topic is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.  We will be learning about the features that we inherit from our parents.  We will explore how animals have adapted over time in order to survive in the changing environments and finding out why the dinosaurs became extinct.  We will continue our topic on sculpture in art, building on the techniques that we have learnt in order to create our own unique sculptures to commemorate the suffragettes’ fight for women to have the vote.

In ICT, we have been developing coding skills using the Purple Mash program. We have begun coding to repeat actions indefinitely or with a timer, to control the appearance of objects and sound outputs. To progress further, we will be applying “If” and “If else” commands, as well as continuing to practise reading and predicting parts of code.

Design and Technology will involve comparing the frictional properties of materials. We will test different materials and draw conclusions from the results. Using this information, we will design trainer soles for indoor sport using a range of materials and then test them out to see which design is the most successful.

PE is on Friday. This half term we will be learning to play tag rugby. Lessons will take place outside so please ensure that your child has trainers and clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

Here’s the knowledge organiser for the work we’ll be doing this term:

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