17.7.23 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

I took part in the Annual Performance Review of the school this week alongside Miss Dawson, Mrs Buttress and Miss Dermody. We were visited by our School Improvement Advisor, Jess Steele, who helped us look in great detail about how well the school has done over the year and what the priorities should be for next year. As ever, the progress our children make from when they first come to Mellers is impressive. Their work and progress in reading and maths was praised but we recognise that we still need to work very hard on writing. Our children still suffer from the effects of the pandemic, when some children fell behind with their writing skills. Writing will continue to be a priority next year. Last year we had a particular push on spelling and this really paid off. We won the city Spelling Bee, with the team not making one error! Added to this the SATS results in spelling were really pleasing. Also the Year 4 multiplication test results were fantastic. Well done to all the pupils and teachers who have worked so hard to achieve these outstanding results. We feel that Yr 6 are leaving us well prepared for their secondary education with the results showing that we are either above the national average or in line with it. We wish Year 6 well and hope to hear back from secondary colleagues about their continuing success.The staff and pupils have worked extremely hard this year and that was recognised and praised by the external advisor. Once again the team engaged in an in depth discussion about the learning of our pupils and reflected thoughtfully and honestly about developments and priorities next year, which will soon be published on our website.

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