26.5.23 Femi Folorunso, Governor

I, Femi Folorunso, and Teeny Reid met with Joe Nottingham, PE lead and Nathan Walters, the P.E teacher on Friday 26th May 2023, at Mellers Primary School as part of the Governor’s monitoring.

The meeting started at 10 am, Mr Nottingham and Mr Walters gave updates on sports activities in the school. We were shown the P.E. curriculum and how it is used to monitor pupils’ skills and progress in different sports activities throughout the year groups. Also, we were updated on various interventions to encourage pupils’ participation. For instance, some activities are less competitive so that pupils who are not necessarily sporty are encouraged to participate and develop skills.

We were briefed on the progress in swimming. It has been very challenging taking pupils for swimming at Harvey Hadden due to time and costs. Swimming used to take place at John Caroll Leisure Centre, a short walking distance from the school, which has now closed. This matter will be discussed at our Full Governors’ meeting.

There are thirteen after-school activities that take place at Mellers Primary School, and they are all going well. All children are given the opportunity to take part in afterschool activities. When children show a particular interest in activities that Mellers cannot provide, Mr Nottingham and Mr Walters will take the time to find clubs in the area they can go to and provide this information to parents/carers.



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