7.7.21 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

I met with Miss Marks today to talk about her role as Key Stage 2 Lead. Due to the pandemic and lockdowns we had not met since November so it was lovely to hear about the work that she has been driving over the last year and plans for the future. Our discussion was obviously set into the context of the difficulties faced by staff and pupils during the last year, where meetings have to be managed differently and staff and children have had to isolate.

Miss Marks has observed teachers, especially those new to Mellers, to ensure that the high standards we expect are being upheld in KS2. One of our NQTs observed her teaching maths to develop his own skills in questioning, ensuring that he was able to develop the deep understanding we want to encourage with our pupils.

At present Miss Marks is meeting with teachers of children in KS1 as they make the transition to KS2 to ensure that their new teacher not only understands their learning level and need but also their needs in terms of personal wellbeing and safety. This ensures that children passing from KS1-2 undergo the best transition possible.

Miss Marks will do a presentation to the new KS2 team to ensure that the very highest standards are adhered to in terms of learning, behaviour and progress. She is planning to create a document from this so that all staff are aware of the expectations.

In terms of monitoring it has been hard to meet with other teachers and go into lessons because of the bubbles. However, the use of floor books to map out learning has been a great asset to being able to monitor what is being taught and I am looking forward to going in to school before the end of term to see some examples of them.

Miss Marks has made a great start as leader of KS2 and she has further plans to put in place for next year. I look forward to hearing about them in the autumn term.

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