9.3.20 Sue Blakeway

I spent the morning in school working with Miss Dermody and the wider staff to look at the teaching and learning in mathematics across the whole school. It is evident that there has been a lot of investment into the development of the mathematics curriculum and staff have worked hard to improve their skills and pedagogy. There is a consistent approach to the teaching of mathematics and teachers plan lessons together. The lessons are planned and delivered to ensure deep understanding and progression over time; this is evidenced in the children’s books.

The most inspiring observation for me is that the children really enjoy their mathematics lessons and are very proud of the work they do. In student interviews they were able to articulate their love of the subject and explain what they have been learning and how this builds over time. Children who can work at greater depth explained that they were challenged in class and are given complex problems to solve; they appreciate and enjoy the challenge.

Refreshingly, staff are constantly looking for ways to improve the teaching and learning in the school. The conclusion of my visit was an action plan to work on increasing the pace of learning in mathematics in some year groups.

I was really impressed with the children’s attitude to learning. They are committed and take responsibility for their work. The quality of discussion is a real joy to witness.

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