12.12.19 Waheed Ashraf

It was great to visit Mellers Primary School recently to discuss the opportunity as an Associate Science governor, which I humbly accepted.  I am excited to further develop the link between Mellers and the University of Nottingham’s science department.

For the last 10 years our department has been offering work experience to students in secondary schools (year 10) and built a reputation with several schools.

I have discussed with my line manager (Professor Roger Bayston) how we can facilitate the learning and development of the pupils at your school.

I have reviewed Mellers school Science Curriculum 1-6 and we are proposing to put together interactive science (creative learning) programme based on levels 1-6 for me to come to Mellers school (several times a year) and teach pupils.

We will need to take our proposed programme to our University operations team to make it formal.

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