Mellers 50th Birthday Celebrations!

On 1st November 1971, Mellers Primary School opened its doors for the first time.  It was a brand new school, and the first headteacher (or headmaster as he was called in those days) was Mr Harry Stanton.  Before Mellers was built, there were streets of terraced houses in the area and they had to be knocked down so that Mellers could be built.  The story goes that the residents left so quickly, that many of them left prams, baths and other artefacts in the cellars.  When the builders were building the foundations for the school, they had to fill in the cellars but left the prams and baths there.  Over the years, holes and dips started to appear in the school playground, and in 2013 the council had to open up big areas of the school field to clear out the prams and baths and put proper stones and soil into the cellars so that the holes would stop appearing!

On 1st November 2021 we started our year of celebrations with an assembly to mark the opening of our wonderful school.  Throughout the year there will be concerts, reunions, sports events, family events, art installations and exhibitions.  If you have photos, memories, reports, books, anything that you’d like to share, and if you are interested in attending the reunion, please email Mrs Patel on:

Here’s a link to the assembly, with the famous TV historian David Olusoga as our guest speaker:

Mellers’ 50th Anniversary Assembly

Here are the details of our 50th Anniversary Reunion Party on Thursday 7th July from 4pm – 8pm:

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