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10.4.20 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

Dear parents and carers I feel it is appropriate for me to write to you at this very distressing time on behalf of the full governing body of Mellers. Although it is officially the Easter break I expect you all feel that it is such a long time since Mellers closed for the majority of … Continue reading 10.4.20 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

9.3.20 Sue Blakeway

I spent the morning in school working with Miss Dermody and the wider staff to look at the teaching and learning in mathematics across the whole school. It is evident that there has been a lot of investment into the development of the mathematics curriculum and staff have worked hard to improve their skills and … Continue reading 9.3.20 Sue Blakeway

16.1.20 Laura Patel

We met with small groups of boys to gain their insights into learning and reading at Mellers. Our key findings were that they were enthusiastic about the themes at Mellers and their learning.  All children recognised that everyone learns differently and that could have different work at different times. They were respectful of others' abilities, … Continue reading 16.1.20 Laura Patel

12.12.19 Waheed Ashraf

It was great to visit Mellers Primary School recently to discuss the opportunity as an Associate Science governor, which I humbly accepted.  I am excited to further develop the link between Mellers and the University of Nottingham's science department. For the last 10 years our department has been offering work experience to students in secondary … Continue reading 12.12.19 Waheed Ashraf

11.12.19 Femi Folorunso

On the 11th December, 2019, I met Mellers safeguarding team for updates. The meeting started at about 1.30 pm.  The session was chaired by the head teacher, Ms Dawson.  Eight persons including myself were present. Cases were discussed starting from the most urgent to the least urgent.  I can confirm that safety and well being … Continue reading 11.12.19 Femi Folorunso

6.12.19 Jo Kervick

On Friday 6th December I met with Miss Dhanjal who is the lead practitioner for the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education (SMSC). This term, Miss Dhanjal has completed a long-term plan for PHSE, which includes the delivery of Success in Schools, First Aid for Feelings and also regular circle time. The plan clearly maps … Continue reading 6.12.19 Jo Kervick

4.12.19 Lesley Lyon

On Thursday 5th December in Governor Monitoring Week I spent a whole day with Mrs Buttress and learned so much about the teaching of English and Phonics at Mellers. I visited classes in F2 being taught phonics and Years 3 and 5 being taught English on the Power of Reading Scheme. I talked to an … Continue reading 4.12.19 Lesley Lyon

4.12.19 Sue Blakeway

I visited the school on Wednesday 4th December and observed classes in years 1, 2 and 3 to monitor progress and development in mathematics and history. I also met with Ms Dermody, Assistant Head, to discuss curriculum planning in both subjects. There is a purposeful atmosphere in the school and staff and children are all … Continue reading 4.12.19 Sue Blakeway

4.12.19 Carol McCrone

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable and informative visit in school this morning as part of my monitoring role. Many thanks to all of the staff who made time to meet with me. Firstly, I spent time with the dedicated team of past, present and future Special Educational Needs and Disability staff, reviewing their role in … Continue reading 4.12.19 Carol McCrone

4.12.12 Femi Folorunso

As part of Governors' Monitoring Week activities, I met with Mr McKeefry on the 4th December, 2019. He was able to explain in details; how Mellers Primary School carries out self-review to assess sporting activities in the school; what his team is doing to ensure the programme meet the needs of all pupils and the … Continue reading 4.12.12 Femi Folorunso

2.10.19 Carol McCrone

I attended the Team Around the School meeting today as part of my role as Special Educational Needs and Disability link governor. Really interesting to hear the views of the multi-disciplinary team of experts from Mellers and Specialist Council teams, all of whom are dedicated to supporting the complex needs of some of our children … Continue reading 2.10.19 Carol McCrone

24.9.2019 Lesley Lyon

Wow what a busy start to term and what an exciting time to be a Governor.  It began with me joining Miss Dawson and the Leadership Team to write the School Development Plan. We discussed the areas on which the whole school will focus in order to make learning as effective as possible for our … Continue reading 24.9.2019 Lesley Lyon

21.9.19 Sue Blakeway

It was a privilege to attend a Governors’ training and development session during the morning of Saturday 21st September. We worked together to plan for the coming year, ensuring that all we do supports the development and improvement of the school. As a new governor, I was warmly welcomed and was overwhelmed by the commitment … Continue reading 21.9.19 Sue Blakeway

1.7.19 Anne Peach

This morning, my fellow governors and I took part in a session to plan for the Ofsted inspection which is due in the next few months, and to prepare for the changes to the Ofsted framework.

25.6.19 Lesley Lyon

As part of Governor Monitoring Week, I visited Year 6 to see how the pupils I interviewed earlier this term were actually doing in class. What I witnessed was astonishing. It was a geography lesson in which the pupils were reading maps and drawing conclusions about the land from their discussions. The whole class was … Continue reading 25.6.19 Lesley Lyon

13.6.19 Rajae Wright

Rajae Wright – meeting with Mellers Governors 13.6.19 Being at Mellers helped me with my social and communication skills. I have perspective to help me with problems. It was a privilege to be at Mellers and learn music. I have progressed and I want an instrument to continue into the future. In year 7 it … Continue reading 13.6.19 Rajae Wright

27.6.19 Anne Peach

On RSE Day, I sat in on several RSE classes with parents. For instance, Year 1 were looking at families and members of the family and their relationships, and Year 2 were looking at the similarities and differences between people.  I talked to the parents who really appreciated being able to sit in on classes. … Continue reading 27.6.19 Anne Peach

26.6.19 Lesley Lyon

Yesterday afternoon I visited school to watch the KS2 show Revolting Rhymes and what a joy! There were more than 100 pupils dancing, singing and acting with confidence and sheer enjoyment. There had clearly been many hours of preparation and rehearsal on behalf of the pupils and staff. The audience clearly enjoyed the show as … Continue reading 26.6.19 Lesley Lyon

22.6.19 Anne Peach

I went to the Nottingham Governors' Annual Conference which gave me a chance to network with Governors from other Nottingham schools.  The key presentation was on changes to the Ofsted inspections - particularly useful bearing in mind that at Mellers we are expecting an inspection in the next few months.  There were also workshops on … Continue reading 22.6.19 Anne Peach

4.6.19 Anne Peach

A really useful session with my fellow governors on Leadership for Governance including development of our Governors' View for the school, to be published shortly.

13.5.19 Carol McCrone

Monitoring Report for the 2019 KS2 SATS Observation - Checklist Completed by: Carol McCrone Date: 13/5/19 I met with Amanda at 08.00 on 13 May. I inspected the secure storage arrangements and supervised the moving of the papers to the secure store in the Head’s office. I can confirm that all packs were sealed. I … Continue reading 13.5.19 Carol McCrone

7th May 2019, Lesley Lyon

Yesterday evening the Governing Body met again to continue our work looking at our strategic development. We began by welcoming a new Governor, Celia Morris, who will formally join us on July 8th at the next Full Governing Body Meeting. During the session, we looked closely at our role and discussed our main priorities around … Continue reading 7th May 2019, Lesley Lyon

26th April 2019, Carole McCrone

Myself and 6 governor colleagues attended a really useful training session yesterday afternoon, to help us to develop our strategic governance. This was run by a former City Headteacher and has given us some excellent tools to help us in our role. We plan to meet again on 7 May to develop our ideas further. … Continue reading 26th April 2019, Carole McCrone

27th March 2019

Following the greater depth interviews with year five and six children, Lesley Lyon gave feedback to the leadership team, 27.3.19. Discussion focused on the language used with children and parents regarding those working at or towards greater depth and how they know this. This will be explored further in a staff meeting, leading to an … Continue reading 27th March 2019

15th March 2019, Anne Peach

For Governor Monitoring week, I spent time with Grace, Wendy, and the Foundation classes. We visited the Science Fair, which was fantastic. The children’s favourite activities this week have been making a volcano erupt at the Science Fair, and a visit by the Fire Service to the school with one of their fire engines. I … Continue reading 15th March 2019, Anne Peach

13th March 2019, Lesley Lyon

During Governor Monitoring Week last week,it was a privilege to interview a selection of pupils from Years 5 and 6. At the last Pupil Progress Meeting Governors discussed the progress made by our cleverest pupils. As a result, we decided to find out for ourselves by talking to those pupils aiming for a Good Level … Continue reading 13th March 2019, Lesley Lyon

12th March 2019, Carol McCrone

Fantastic visit to KS1 today as part of our Governors’ Week. Many thanks to Krissie Dickens for spending time explaining the Ofsted Action Plan that she has devised and begun to implement with the Key Stage 1 team. It was really interesting to gain an appreciation of her ideas for simple tweaks to the team’s … Continue reading 12th March 2019, Carol McCrone

16th December 2018

During Governor Monitoring week, I joined Grace Atherton for a Phonics lesson in Foundation – today’s subject was ‘ee‘. Afterwards, I talked with children who were writing letters, and then sat in on a one-to-one reading session with a little boy who had little English when he joined Foundation, but only a few weeks later … Continue reading 16th December 2018

14th December 2018, Anne Peach

I attended assembly this morning with Lilian Greenwood MP, where Lilian presented awards to winners in her Christmas Card design competition. Anne Peach

13th December 2018, Mark Gilmore

The KS2 Christmas concert was awesome, even the staff band were good. A real testament to the hard work of the music teachers and pupils. Well done everyone. Mark Gilmore

7th December 2018

Popped into Y4 today as part of Governor’s monitoring week. I saw some fantastic Writing as well as inventive and interesting Maths. Loved it.

5th December 2018

I spent the day, as part of our Governor monitoring week visiting every classroom in the school. The focus of my visit was to look at how well our most able children are supported and challenged in the classroom although in doing the activity, it was great to see all children on task and enjoying … Continue reading 5th December 2018

3rd December 2018

Excellent visit today. Accompanied the Headteacher on learning walks to observe Key Stage 2 classes. Started by admiring the fabulous World War 1 exhibition that was taking shape near the Staff Room. The theme continued in all of the KS2 classes. Some fabulous work and the children were totally absorbed by the topic. Year 6 … Continue reading 3rd December 2018

26th November 2018

As Governors, we have a responsibility to ensure that all staff are supported in their professional development and personal well-being. In particular, this extends to our Newly Qualified teachers. To this end, I accompanied Mrs Patel to the classroom of our NQT to watch while she did an observation. We observed the children on the … Continue reading 26th November 2018

22nd November 2018

Met with Sarah Elliott today for a catch-up on her role as SENCO. We had a walk round school and observed some of the SEND children in their classes which was very useful to help my understanding. We also discussed how best to track the SEND and Pupil Premium budgets in relation to progress of … Continue reading 22nd November 2018

12th November 2018, Lesley Lyon

On Tuesday 12th November Sharon Pratt, parent governor, and I met with Miss Dawson to review the school progress and set her new targets for this academic year. We were joined in the meeting by Carol Norman who is the ex Headteacher of Welbeck School. Her role was to advise Sharon and myself as to … Continue reading 12th November 2018, Lesley Lyon

10th October 2018, Teeny Reid

I met with Mrs Buttress to discuss English throughout school. English continues to improve in all year groups in both reading and writing. On world book day this year, we will be joined by author Dom Berry. Teeny Reid

17th May 2018, Mark Gilmore

Governors were taking a closer look at school data today. We are all really proud to see that we are in the top 10% in the country for Maths results. A fantastic achievement by the pupils and staff. Mark Gilmore

11th May 2018, Mark Gilmore

Interviewed for Y1 maternity cover, pleased to welcome another good teacher on board in September. Mark Gilmore

3rd May 2018, Carol McCrone

Met with Sarah Elliott today for governor catch-up on SEND children at Mellers. Lovely learning environment, lots of happy children and a real hum of activity. Sarah explained progress she was making with interim bids. Sensory tent area looks great! Well done all concerned for their resourcefulness! Carol McCrone

2nd May 2018, Lesley Lyon

I met today with Mrs Patel to discuss the amazing progress made by your children at Mellers, especially in reading, writing and Maths. We also looked at the attendance figures, which are improving, and it looks like we will meet our targets. However we are still worried about a small number of children who are, absent … Continue reading 2nd May 2018, Lesley Lyon

22nd March 2018, Mark Gilmore

Visited FS2 with Trisha the dog. Great to see kids so excited to spend time with Trisha and overcome their fears. Trisha also made a surprise visit to a very impressively behaved Y1 class. Mark Gilmore

21st March 2018, Mark Gilmore

Attended monthly safeguarding meeting, it’sgood to see all that’s being done to keep children at Mellers safe. Mark Gilmore

5th February 2018, Teeny Reid

The power of reading continues to make a positive impact on writing across the school. This impact is evident for all children, even those working below expected. The content of writing is very impressive and topic writing is good. Although the power of reading does not always fit with the topic being covered, the strategies … Continue reading 5th February 2018, Teeny Reid

23rd January 2018, Sharon Pratt

I attended a meeting with the Maths monitoring lead Lorna Dermody to discuss mathematics in particular fluency and geometry. Great work is taking place to ensure improvements are continually made in this area. Sharon Pratt

17th January 2018

I attended and participated in year 6 open maths lesson and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the practical side of Maths being taught.  The teaching support that was present was appropriate for the size of the class and teachers were very much engaging with the children. Sharon Pratt

16th November 2017, Carol McCrone

Attended lovely opening ceremony for our fabulous new building today. What a great celebration of Mellers’ success! Carol McCrone

13th November 2017, Carol McCrone

Met with Sarah Elliott to look at possible space for a sensory area for SEND children to use. Identified four possibilities for Amanda to consider. Also had a catch-up on current SEND progress. Carol McCrone

4th October 2017, Carol McCrone

Attended Team Around the School Meeting as a guest of Sarah Elliott. Really impressed with the excellent, joined-up multi-team working for the benefit of our SEND children. Carol McCrone

27th September 2017, Carol McCrone

Excellent email update from Sarah on SEND progress in new school year. Intend to attend Team Around the School Meeting, if possible, on 4 October. Carol McCrone

28th June 2017, Carol McCrone

Met with Sarah Elliott today for update on SEND children at Mellers. Able to share info from my training on 15 June. Two extremely polite year 2 children held the door open for me!

15 June 2017, Carol McCrone

Attended SEND governor training session this evening. Very interesting and useful insight into the SEND governor role. Carol McCrone

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