12th March 2019, Carol McCrone

Fantastic visit to KS1 today as part of our Governors’ Week. Many thanks to Krissie Dickens for spending time explaining the Ofsted Action Plan that she has devised and begun to implement with the Key Stage 1 team. It was really interesting to gain an appreciation of her ideas for simple tweaks to the team’s already excellent approach, which should translate in greater efficiencies, and benefits for teaching and learning, particularly in relation to reading and phonics. It was great to hear about the many children achieving greater depth in Year 2 (c.25%!), their progress since joining Mellers and the challenge that they are being given to help them to achieve their full potential. I am looking forward to our follow-up meeting in June to review the results.


It was also lovely to spend time in the Year 1 and 2 classes watching the children enjoying their maths learning and having fun during Science week. Who knew you could make bouncy balls with cornflower, water and food colouring?


Carol McCrone

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