12th November 2018, Lesley Lyon

On Tuesday 12th November Sharon Pratt, parent governor, and I met with Miss Dawson to review the school progress and set her new targets for this academic year. We were joined in the meeting by Carol Norman who is the ex Headteacher of Welbeck School. Her role was to advise Sharon and myself as to whether Miss Dawson and the leadership team have made good progress.

We are pleased to report that the targets for last year were met and exceeded in most cases. We discussed the progress of the most able children in school and were especially pleased with excellent results particularly in reading and writing.

We walked all-round the school to look at the standards of display in school. We were pleased to see some wonderful displays on a range of subjects, which celebrated the work of children and stimulated conversations and interest. Last year, after the new build walls were white and bare. The displays are now vibrant, colourful and informative. We were very impressed.

The final target was to provide support for another school that was experiencing difficulties. Miss Dawson and our Mellers team visited the school and advised how to make improvements in English and Maths and how to assess and track the progress of pupils. This was much appreciated by the school and their results were much better because of this valuable work. Our team from Mellers also learned much from providing the support which has improved our own practice.

We then set some new targets for this year which are based on improvements in maths, research into new and innovative teaching methods which will make our pupils into more curious learners and to ensure that our pupils are well supported as the school continues to grow.

As governors, Sharon and I felt privileged to be advised by our external advisor that the school is making excellent progress and whilst there are always improvements be made Miss Dawson is leading us to becoming an outstanding school.

Lesley Lyon

Chair of Governors

November 2018

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