30.11.20 Teeny Reid, Staff Governor

On Friday 13th November I met with Joe Nottingham, who is the subject lead for Physical Education (PE) across the school. He shared with me the long-term plan which is drawn up at the beginning of the year. The planning and teaching of PE has been tailored to reflect the sports pupils are interested in and enjoy doing. The plan is consistent and shows clear progression of the skills being taught across the school from F2 through to Y6 in KS2 including a focus on active learning and daily exercise across the school. There is also opportunity for cross curricular learning.

Geography – orienteering

Health & Wellbeing – bleep tests, healthy eating and personal best challenges.

We discussed the impact of the lockdown in March. Mr Nottingham along with Nathan who is the PE teacher, have stressed that lockdown has had a huge impact on pupils’ physical skills. Because of this, on return to school, multi skills was the first sports activity they started with due to lack of physical activity during lockdown.

Since returning with restrictions in place, PE lessons have largely been able to carry on as normal. However, changes have been made where necessary. The PE teacher Nathan has changed one of his working days to ensure he will always have space within school to teach, whatever the weather.

The challenges faced with both outdoor and indoor sports are things such as equipment needing to be cleaned after each use and restrictions in some activities due to government guidelines.

The overwhelming theme of a questionnaire that Mr Nottingham gave pupils in KS2 is that not enough pupils take part in activities out of school. Whether sports related or not. Those who do take part are missing after school clubs, which are unable to take place at present. He found that most pupils enjoy the activities being taught in PE. They put forth ideas of new sports and activities they would like to do.

Mr Nottingham already has plans to do a COVID compliant after school club and is keen to get this up and running as soon as it is safe to do so.

At Mellers, pupils swim all year round with the intention of being able to swim 25 metres by the end of Y6. Restrictions have had an impact on their swimming progress. When they are able to swim again each class will now have one-hour swimming lessons per week, alternative terms.

It is reassuring to know that during these difficult times when pupils are restricted in what sports they can take part in due to social distancing, Mr Nottingham is determined to ensure that all pupils at Mellers are being active.


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