13.5.19 Carol McCrone

Monitoring Report for the 2019 KS2 SATS Observation – Checklist

Completed by: Carol McCrone

Date: 13/5/19

I met with Amanda at 08.00 on 13 May. I inspected the secure storage arrangements and supervised the moving of the papers to the secure store in the Head’s office. I can confirm that all packs were sealed. I escorted Amanda to the test rooms and can confirm that there were at least two administrators in each room and that all had received appropriate training.  I observed the instructions given to pupils and the start of the tests, all of which were correct.

Test packs are stored securely in a locked cupboard and have not been opened, either before the published test date or more than one hour before the test taking place, unless STA has approved an application for early opening  


There are at least 2 test administrators available to be in any test room. This is because anyone administering a test on their own is more vulnerable to allegations of maladministration Y
The school will administer the tests in the order published in the statutory test timetable Y
The Headteacher has explained to staff, participating pupils and their parents how the tests will be administered Y
Access arrangements are being used correctly Y
Test administrators (usually be Headteachers, teachers or teaching assistants) are trained in how the tests will be administered, what assistance is allowed and how any access arrangements will be used. Y


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