13.6.19 Rajae Wright

Rajae Wright – meeting with Mellers Governors 13.6.19

Being at Mellers helped me with my social and communication skills. I have perspective to help me with problems.

It was a privilege to be at Mellers and learn music. I have progressed and I want an instrument to continue into the future.

In year 7 it was like a refresh of things I’d learnt at Mellers.  I could figure things out.

Balls 2 Poverty with semi-professional footballers helped me develop my skill level and physical strength. I was happy at Mellers.

I had lots of opportunities – Mellers gave me paths to take to be a good person

It was special when I first picked up a trombone.

It was sad that I was bullied for my weight but I learnt not to pay attention to it.

Other children in year 7 said “Mellers is a sick school”, it has a good reputation.

If I could go back and tell myself something to do differently at Mellers it would be to ask for help more, to boost my knowledge.

I would advise children at Mellers to listen to your teachers, be kind to others and have fun to be the best you can.

I felt safe at Mellers and trusted the teachers. Things like Place2Be helped take a weight off my shoulders.

When I came to Mellers on work experience, the atmosphere felt similar.


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