13.7.21 Carol McCrone, Vice Chair of Governors

I had a really informative discussion with Mr Ward, SEND lead,  on 8 July, who updated me on the great progress that our SEND children are making. He has just finished the children’s reviews with parents and teachers and, despite the pandemic, the children are thriving. He continues to do all he can to access grant funding to support our children. His 2 new SEND support colleagues have settled in quickly and have bonded well with the children. He is looking forwarding to working collaboratively with the Deaf Provision team and will be undertaking sign language training over the summer. Team Around the School meetings are intended to recommence in autumn term, which I hope to attend. Mr Ward is nearing the end of his SEND studies, well done him as it is no mean feat whilst working full time! Many thanks Mr Ward, we really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to our SEND children, especially during these difficult times.

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