14.10.22 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

Governors have been busy this half term. We like to get off to a really good start and so we met vey early in the term for a development meeting. This is where we think about the work we did last year and the challenges of the coming year. If you look at the website you will find our impact statement which explains in a lot of detail what we think we achieved last year; the main event being securing the federation with the Nottingham Nursery. As a governing board we are very proud of this but clearly now we  have to operate as a board for the federation rather than just Mellers school. We considered this carefully and have produced our plan which is also on the website stating how we will check and moniter the work of both settings.

We have had two committee meetings this term: Pupil Progress Committee and Pupils and Curriculum Committee. Governors heard from Mrs Buttress, Head of School, about Mellers’ end of year data. Results in reading were exceptional; Mrs Buttress also outlined the plans to improve the phonics results, which had fallen behind and KS2 maths results, which had taken a slight dip compared to previous years. Mrs Patel, Head of Nottingham Nursery, explained the work to be done on improving children’s speaking and listening particularly.  At the Pupils and Curriculum Committee, governors were delighted to meet a parent from the Mellers Focus Provision for Deaf Pupils, who explained to us the very positive impact being at Mellers has had on her son, who particularly enjoyed all the events in which he was able to take part. We also heard about reforms to the curriculum at the nursery.

Apart from these meetings governors have met with Miss Dawson to set her own targets for the year and taken part in the annual school improvement review with our external advisor.  Next half term governors will attend the Meet the Teacher evenings on 1st and 2nd November so we hope to meet as many parents as possible to talk about your view of the education of your children. We will also be talking to subject leads at Mellers and our special early years team will be visiting the nursery.

Another busy half term ahead!

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