14.7.21 Teeny Reid, staff governor

On Tuesday 6th July 2021 I met with the PE lead Mr Nottingham to discuss what PE was looking like across the school since the last time we met.

There had been some restrictions on delivering PE as equipment could not be used during the lessons. The children are now doing athletics, so equipment is not used often. However, when it is used it is cleaned after each year group.

Next year there will be a focus on incorporating healthy eating alongside fitness and personal targets based on skills. Encouraging older children to be role models for the younger children will play a big part.

After school clubs are now running and there is at least one per year group. They include Circus skills, Dance club and Boxing club. Teachers can monitor this to ensure every child has an opportunity to do an after-school club. Circus skills has been very popular with year six.

Swimming as resumed but as now moved to Harvey Hadden because John Carroll leisure centre has closed. This comes at a big cost to the school because the children must go by bus. This also means they have less time in the water and each year group can only swim once a term.

The PE teacher will be joining Mellers full time from next year which will allow some flexibility in the timetable. More clubs can be run with a possibility of clubs for staff and parents. Mr Nottingham informed me that they are now starting to look at signing children up for tournaments and events.

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