19.5.23 Carol McCrone, Governor

I really enjoyed the official opening of the Focus Provision for Deaf Pupils on Friday 19 May. It was a wonderful celebration of the integration of the deaf pupils and their teachers into Mellers, both in terms of the building and as a community. Great to see and hear the Year 6 Brass Ensemble play the Theme from Rocky, School Choir sing/sign Wonderful World and Focus Provision signing ‘Celebration’, interspersed with great speakers: Amanda Dawson; Lilian Greenwood MP; deaf elite sportsman/entrepreneur, Oliver Wilcox; and, culminating in the opening of the new building by our Lord Mayor and Mellers Governor, Cllr Wendy Smith, followed by a lovely afternoon tea. Once again, showing Mellers at its best, as an inclusive, happy and caring community. Thank you to all involved.

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