3.7.23 Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors

It was so interesting to talk to pupils from Year 5 on 3rd July. The subject of our discussions was about what helps pupils to learn better, what they feel about the progress they make and what they may like to change about the way they learn. Here are some of the highlights from what they told me:

  • We love the trips and activities. Things are not taken too seriously and it is not too strict. If we were asked to score the school we would give it 9/10. Sometimes there is too much drama and people take things too far and that leads to pupils falling out. We enjoy learning about new things rather than revisiting old learning. We would like to do more drama in lessons as it helps us remember information.
  • Do you think you make good progress in your learning? Yes we absolutely, definitely make progress – especially in understanding negative numbers. We listen well and the teacher helps us. We like it when we help each other and that helps to us to understand things better.
  • What would help you to make even better progress? To give us more examples at the beginning and to show us the method more. Working as a group is good because that helps us work things out through discussion. Harder lessons would be good and sometimes we have already done the work in an earlier year. There is always extra work if you finish early.
  • If you could change anything about your learning in school what would it be? The trips help lots and acting things out. Memory recall about the case studied at the National Justice Museum was impressive. They had remembered fine detail because of the active engagement with the subject matter. Visiting speakers are great and keep learning alive. More clubs would be great – especially with more pupil input.
  • What do you want to achieve from your schooling? Be able to afford a Mercedes. Be an actor. Pass exams to become a paramedic. Get a job and enjoy life. To understand everything about the world.
  • Which styles of teaching help you to learn best? Working in groups and discussing. Getting help. Helping others. Making learning active/ not just being told things
  • What makes you excited about learning? When you get the feedback and we can tell parents how well we have done. When we have an input into learning and it is active. Going outdoors. Discovering. Having speakers. Doing drama. Doing creative stuff. Sometimes there is too much to do and too much to think about!
The pupils spoke confidently and with passion about their learning. The recall of learning using drama, role play and simulation was impressive and it came across loud and clear from year 5 that it is an effective learning style.

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