4.12.19 Carol McCrone

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable and informative visit in school this morning as part of my monitoring role. Many thanks to all of the staff who made time to meet with me.

Firstly, I spent time with the dedicated team of past, present and future Special Educational Needs and Disability staff, reviewing their role in school. It was good to be able to acknowledge the great work done by Sarah Elliott, Henry Ward and Wendy Gledhill, and to welcome Marguerite Haye to the team. It’s great to know how much time and care goes into supporting all of our children. We will discuss this further during my regular meetings with the team.

I then met with Beth Whysall and Krissie Dickens to hear about the amazing work that they have been doing on Phonics for all children from Foundation to Year 2. The new, coordinated whole-school approach is already showing huge benefits and great results.

Lastly, Krissie and I had another of our regular catch-ups to review the progress of the Key Stage 1 action plan. Krissie shared with me some of the excellent initiatives that she and the KS1 team have been progressing. She was able to explain the differences that these are making to our children and the excellent results.

Well done to all staff and children involved!

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