8.3.2024 Teeny Reid, Staff Governor

I met with PE teacher Mr Walters to discuss the progress of PE across Mellers. Unfortunately, Mr Nottingham, PE lead was unavailable to join us for the meeting. It was reassuring to hear that PE is still making a big impact on the physical aspect of children’s education at Mellers. Lessons now include dance, American football and cycling which are popular across the year groups. Children at Mellers are still accessing after school clubs such as skateboarding and multi skills. They are attending sports competitions and their achievements in sports out of school are celebrated on a display board. The girls’ football team have been able to play competitive games after school. Parents continue to be pinpointed to extra-curricular activities their children show interest in. One of the things Mr Walters was keen to share is that both he and Mr Nottingham are trying to find football clubs for girls who are showing an interest in the sport. Mr Nottingham does drop ins on lessons to ensure they are taking place. As always, the weather can make PE challenging due to lack of space when the halls are being used. The only significant change is around swimming. Unfortunately, due to finances, swimming in the new academic year will only take place for Y6. However, in future it is hoped that Mellers will be able to take part in a scheme that brings swimming to the school. This we be discussed in more detail if and when it happens.

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