Up to Date COVID information

Here’s the latest information about COVID arrangements in school for the summer and September:

Coronavirus Update July 21

Here’s a letter from the Directors of Education and Public Health at Nottingham City Council:

Covid19 Letter to Parents

Here’s our most recent risk assessment:

Mellers Primary COVID Risk Assessment Sept 21

The risk of covid is still very high, and the rate of infection in school is increasing. Unfortunately, the vaccination rate in Radford is critically low at only 36%, which is one of the lowest rates in the Midlands and in the country and this means that we have to be even more cautious in school. As you will have heard, the Omicron variant is also now present in Nottingham, so our risk assessment will remain as it is for now. We introduced staggered start and finish times to reduce transmission rates, and we have no choice but to ask parents not to enter the school site. We rely totally on parents’ support to try to keep transmission rates low. Our biggest fear is that someone in our community might catch covid with serious consequences; we will do everything we do to prevent that from happening. We have already had staff and community members hospitalised in ICU with this terrible disease so will do all we can to prevent anyone else being seriously ill with it.

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