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Everybody’s wellbeing is a priority at Mellers, and in addition to a whole range of wellbeing initiatives and services, we provide a bespoke counselling service for pupils and for parents, The Place 2 Be, which is a national children’s charity working with 200 schools across the UK. They provide a safe space – The Place2Be room – where children can express their feelings through talking, creative work and play.

The Place2Be works with children, teachers and parents/carers too, providing therapeutic support to address social, emotional and behavioural problems.

The Place2Be helps build children’s confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to cope with difficult life events, establish friendships and focus in class. This in turn makes school a happier place to be for all the children and the school staff.

To find out more about the work of The Place2Be or to make a donation please visit www.theplace2be.org.uk 

To see their privacy statement follow the link below:


Other useful links:

Kooth is a brilliant service for young people, there is help and advice online for you if you just need someone to talk to, as well as a discussion forum and other helpful functions.


Think Ninja is an NHS app for young people aged 10-18, helping you to understand anxiety and stress, and giving you knowledge and skills to cope and manage.

Think Ninja

If you’re an adult who is struggling and need to speak to someone urgently, this is an excellent, national text service that’s available 24/7.  Just text ‘shout’ to 85258.  Here’s more information about it:

Give Us a Shout


Place 2 Be have a really useful website, Parenting Smart, to support parents with tackling all sorts of issues with your children.  Here’s the link:

Parenting Smart

When adults are facing difficulties in their lives or are troubled by negative experiences from their own childhoods, it can create a high level of emotional strain, which in turn can have a negative impact on children’s emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing: everybody’s wellbeing (parents, pupils, staff) is one of our school improvement ‘rocks’, and something that we’re constantly striving to improve.  We’re in the process of establishing a system of supervision for all staff, everyone’s trained in coaching and emotion coaching, and our wellbeing co-ordinator and the wellbeing team plan and deliver a range of activities for everyone.  There is always someone to listen, and we are also part of the Nottingham Schools’ Trust’s free counselling service, and occupational health service.

Here’s a really useful link to Nott Alone, a Nottinghamshire website which offers advice on some of the most common mental health needs, and it is suitable for pupils, parents and professionals:

Nott Alone

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