Lesley Lyon, Chair of Governors, 28.4.22

It is some time since we wrote on the blog and that is because for the last couple of years the governors have been extremely busy with preparing the ground for the formal federation with Nottingham Nursery School. As many of you will know Mrs Patel has been spending time at the nursery, supporting with the leadership and running the school.

I am pleased to report that from 1st February 2022 we are formally federated with the nursery and Mrs Patel is now Head of the nursery, although she will also be spending time at Mellers. Miss Dawson is now Executive Head of both settings.

This has involved the governors in a lot of work, not least in the joining together of the two governing bodies. We spent a wonderful session in early March which involved the two governing bodies coming together and setting our vision for the federated schools. It was inspirational as we talked about education from 0 – 11, the support and help we would be offering to the community and the excellence in education for Radford and the high standards this federation will uphold. We are all very excited about the future for the federated Nottingham Nursery and Mellers Primary as we start to hold our first full term of meetings leading into the new academic year.

In terms of the work of the new Governing Body it will be very much business as usual. Will be continuing to monitor the work of both schools, talking to leaders about their plans and how they intend to implement them and checking on the progress of all children across the federation.

We will continue to maintain the blog to keep parents informed of our work. Please feel free to contact the governing body through either school and someone will be available to help you

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