22.11.22 Wendy Smith, Associate Governor

The focus of the visit was to see how staff and pupils had settled into the new building and see Deaf children being taught in a variety of settings. 

I was met by Louise who reiterated how happy everyone was at Mellers,  particularly now they weren’t having to work in the temporary buildings.  I visited the two FP classrooms and chatted to the children about what they were learning.  We then saw Deaf children being supported in PE and also in Forest School.    

It is heartening that younger teachers are being trained as Teachers of the Deaf and that the qualification is still mandatory.  The two-year distance learning course at Birmingham University is expensive and challenging and it was good to know that Becky has now qualified.  We were able to compare notes with Hayley, currently doing the course, as both Louise and I gained our qualifications from Birmingham.  

Louise mentioned that there is no funding available for supply cover throughout the school.  This is disappointing but understandable in the current economic climate.  Having worked with most of the Teaching Assistants during my time at Firbeck, I know their talents and flexibility will be used to ensure that everything runs smoothly.   

Thanks to Louise and all the staff for making me so welcome. 

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